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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 21-- an Important Day

Why do you think April 21st is important to George and me?????  If you have read my blog for over a year,  you will KNOW.....Here's our story: In 2001,  when George and I were dating,  he took me to Fall Creek Falls State Park here in Tennessee  on a gorgeous Saturday --which happened to be April 21, 2001!!!!

Several things are important about this April 21, 2001 date:
-This was the beginning of our love of waterfalls... Little did we know in 2001 that we would have visited at least 450 different waterfalls by this date in 2011. Fall Creek Falls has SIX waterfalls --and we enjoy seeing all of them,  especially after much rain (which we have had this spring).
-Fall Creek Falls is where George first KISSED me...  Now--that is awesome!!!!
-AND,  Fall Creek Falls is where George and I first told each other that we loved each other.  All of this happened on April 21, 2001!!!!

Because we love to celebrate,  we return to Fall Creek Falls on this date every year.  This year was no exception.   Last Thursday,  we drove to Fall Creek Falls and enjoyed seeing all six of the waterfalls.  We had dinner in the lodge restaurant--which we have done each year also.   It was a wonderful day.

Today I will share with you some photos from this year's April 21st trip to Fall Creek Falls..  Above is a picture of one of the waterfalls,  called the CANE CREEK CASCADES.  As I said previously,  since we have had LOTS of rain,  the waterfalls were all flowing well...  They were just beautiful today!

This is the 'main' waterfall at the state park,  named FALL CREEK FALLS.

And this one is another fav,  but not as easy to get to.  George took this picture using his long lens,  since he was at an overlook quite far away.  BUT--it's one of the best pictures I have seen of PINEY FALLS.

There is a little dam on Cane Creek surrounded by some interesting rock formations.   We usually see birds going in and out of these 'cave-like-holes' in the rocks.  But, during this trip,  we didn't see any birds.  (Maybe they were napping!! ha)  Anyhow,  the rock formations are so interesting I think.

Here are more of the rock formations.   I love seeing the reflection in the water here.

Just look at 'our' mountains..  Are they not just awesome???  This picture was taken from one of the overlooks at the Fall Creek Falls gorge.

Finally,  here is a picture of the two 'lovebirds'....Note what is written on the shirts we are wearing!!!!!!!!   Do you believe that?????   ha ha

Hope you enjoyed our April 21st visit to Fall Creek Falls.  By the way,  I did get a KISS this year also (actually, several of them)... YEAH!!!