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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Hello Blog Friends,   Sorry I haven't been around much lately --but I did want to take a minute and say "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of you who are celebrating this special holiday this week...  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays when families can take a few minutes to enjoy one another,  enjoy some fantastic food,  and just share the love and memories... God Bless All of YOU.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Late October Colors In and Around our Yard and Area --2015

So many different colors here (10/27/15)
We had a gorgeous October here in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee... I already posted some pictures from the first part of the month ---so today,  I'll share some from the middle of the month to the end. 

I'll also show you some FLOWER surprises in addition to the pretty Fall Leaves/Colors.. We have had a warm Fall,  with only one/two nights with temperatures in the 30's  ---so our Roses and Daylilies and Irises have really enjoyed blooming this month and during September.   I love having RE-BLOOMING flowers ---and it's so special to see them bloom during these couple of months... Of course,  our fantastic ROSES will bloom until frost ---so they just continue putting on a show for us also.

We took a trip to West Virginia the week of October 19 ---so we missed the 'actual'  BEST week for colors here in our area  (the colors here were actually prettier than what we saw most of the time in West VA).   BUT---we still saw beauty in so many places off and on all month... Hope you enjoy today's COLORS.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

BURNING BUSH near our home--10/24/15;   We have LOTS of these in our area and the reds are so pretty this time of year.

BLATANT IRIS   (10/26/15)

In trying to capture the colors on our trees,  I also managed to get the flag AND an ABOUT FACE ROSE in full bloom.  (10/26/15)

Beautiful Fall Colors near our home  (10/28/15)

WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS IRIS  (10/26/15) ---I love this yellow and white color in this one.  The purple and yellow ones behind this one are Blatant Irises.

I took this one on a walk near one of the lakes here in Fairfield Glade on 10/14/15...

I love all of the Fall Colors ---but am partial to RED.. This tree is in our front yard.  (10/24/15)

DARING SPIRIT ROSE which George surprised me with one morning (10/27/15);  Most of you know that George brings me a rose inside to enjoy most every morning.  Right now there are 7 of them in the house blooming --just for me!!!!!   Isn't Daring Spirit gorgeous?

Our PINK DOGWOOD Leaves in Fall,  but they are definitely not PINK now!!!!! ha  (10/24/15)


More beautiful Fall Colors near our house (10/25/15)

Another picture taken on our walk near the lake (10/14/15);  Don't you love the reflections in this one?


FLOOR SHOW IRIS (10/26/15)
WELL---since we walk twice a day now in our area,  I have LOTS more Fall pictures to share sometime from our walks including walks along the golf course.  SO---maybe (when I have time),  I'll share more of our gorgeous Fall pictures with you.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing not only the pretty leaf colors --but also the flowers still blooming in our yard... They will continue to bloom as long as there is not a freeze/frost... So far---so good!!!!!!

Have a fabulous week/month... Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite seasons --and I like to enjoy it before even thinking about Christmas... But --I love Christmas also,  so we have a couple of wonderful months ahead of us... ENJOY LIFE to its fullest.