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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Last of our DAYLILIES in 2014

Blushing Summer Valentine Daylilies (taken on 7/1/14)
This post is for all of you who are going through this huge Arctic Blast (Winter Storm) now... These low temperatures and winter weather have been gripping most of our nation --including Texas!!!  SO----I thought seeing some gorgeous Daylilies is just what we ALL need today.  This will remind us that spring/summer will definitely be back ....  Keep the faith!!!!

This is my last batch of Daylily Photos for 2014.  We had 55 different varieties in our yard this year.  IF you want to see all of our daylilies,  click HERE.  Counting this post,  there are 5 total posts in that label (Daylilies 2014).

I worked hard this year at learning the names of our Daylilies (and our Roses) ---and I will miss them terribly until they return next Spring.  Then I'll have to learn those names all over again!!!!

Hope you enjoy today's group.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

Persian Market Daylilies  (taken on 7/01/14)

Perfect Peach Glory Daylilies (taken on 7/04/14)

Christmas Wishes Daylily  (taken on 7/02/14)

Orange Velvet Daylilies (taken on 7/05/14)

Pretty Woman Daylily (taken on 7/05/14)

Condilla Daylilies (taken on 7/09/14)

Lavender Vista Daylily (taken on 7/10/14)

Staci Cox Daylily (taken on 7/11/14)

Pink Playmate Daylily (taken on 7/12/14)

Buttered Popcorn Daylilies  (taken on 7/06/14)

Fuchsia Dream Daylily (taken on 7/20/14)

Starstruck  Daylilies (taken on 7/23/14)
Do you have a favorite (or favorites) from this group?  I have always loved Buttered Popcorn,  but I also love Orange Velvet.  Lavender Vista is a gorgeous color,  and so is Persian Market... SEE??? It's hard to pick favorites!!!! ha

I will close our Daylily blog posts during 2014 by showing you three photos from one of the Daylily Beds in our yard, taken in July.  Hope you enjoy seeing them in groups.
Taken on 7/02/14

Taken on 7/06/14

Taken on 7/11/14

Hope you enjoyed seeing all of our beautiful Daylily Photos --not just today,  but all five of the posts I have published in 2014.   We buy most of our Daylilies from Oakes Daylilies right here in Tennessee.  Click HERE for more information about Oakes.

Hope you will get some Daylilies for your yard!!!!  Be sure to buy re-bloomers though.  We highly recommend them.

Our yard doesn't look like these photos now,  but I do have HOPE for the future and our beautiful flowers...  Have a great day!   AND by all means,  wherever you are,  stay WARM.   We are enjoying the new gas-log fireplace SO MUCH.