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Monday, July 13, 2009

Visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains (NC)

George and I just returned from a short but absolutely delightful trip to the Mountain Air Resort near Burnsville, NC to visit George's son Bob, George's grandson, Bob's girlfriend and her son. That area of the Blue Ridge Mountains northeast of Asheville is absolutely gorgeous--and the condo where our 'kids' were staying is nothing short of phenominal.

Bob and Melissa spoiled us the entire time---cooking delicious meals and taking us on tours of the area. One day we had a picnic at Pink Beds and did some hiking. The Rhododendron in that area was in full bloom. AMAZING!!!! We took the kids (ages 5 and 9) to Sliding Rock --where both kids plus Dad went 'sliding'...

Overall---George and I took over 200 pictures between us ---but I promise not to show them all to you, at least in one blog post. ha ha .... I will spread them out over several different posts, and try not to bore you too much.

Today I will introduce you to the family. Above is a photo that Melissa took of George and me while we wer standing on a platform looking at the mountain views around us. This resort is in a perfect location with mountainous views all around. Below are more photos.

Here is a great picture of George's son (Bob), fabulous girlfriend Melissa, and her son (age 9) and his son (age 5). George says that his grandson (the 5-yr old) reminds him of Bob when Bob was his age!

Father and Son: George and Bob (Can you believe that Bob is TALLER than his Dad--and George is 6'3"!!!!) Yipes!

A great picture of Bob and Melissa ---taken when we stopped at an overlook near Mt. Pisgah on the Blueridge Parkway

The two little boys---sitting in the back of their Dad's truck; I may be a 'tad' prejudice--but I've never seen such well-behaved little boys!!!!

I took this picture of George and family --while we were hiking in the Pink Beds Picnic and Recreation area.

Here's a preview of some posts to come!!!! This picture was taken from the deck of their condo at Mountain Air Resort. Isn't that a fabulous view of the mountain ranges????? We have many more pictures to share from this wonderful weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend also.