Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Things I LOVE about AUTUMN

I love all of the COLORED LEAVES of FALL.
I did a blog post on this topic several years ago ---and it's surprising how similar my choices are,  even now!!!!!   I challenge you to do a blog post (or Facebook post) talking about some of your favorite things about Fall!!!!!  Hope you enjoy my choices ---and I'll bet that some of you would choose some of the same ones!!!!!  NOTE:  Some of the pictures are from the internet --and some are my pictures!!!!

It's FOOTBALL time in TENNESSEE.  Oh--how I love Football in the Fall!!!

I love sunrises and sunsets year-round --but the SUNSETS in FALL are very special.  

I love homemade CHILI in Autumn.

I love decorating the yard in Autumn.  

Oh how I love HoneyCrisp Apples in Autumn.  (However,  they are SO expensive this year --so we haven't eaten many... Sniff Sniff.)

Meet Mr. Gobble,  our Havest TURKEY... He smiles while sitting on our dining room table until Thanksgiving Day,  when he stops smiling and then cries and cries since we are eating his brother for dinner!!!!!! ha ha 

Oh how I love hiking/walking on the crunchy leaves in Autumn.

Here's a closeup of TOBY,  our front porch decoration.   Toby says HELLO to you. 

All of my family/friends who know me well know how much I love the RED trees in Autumn... I enjoy all of the Fall Colors ---but RED is my favorite.

YES---I LOVE raking and blowing leaves in Autumn...  Hard to believe,  isn't it?  It's good exercise for this ole woman---and for a few minutes after finishing,  I actually see some results... ha ha  (Now--don't ask me if I enjoy picking up nuts/acorns in our yard in Fall.....  I do not.  ha ha )

I love my little Harvest Quilt... It was meant to be a wall hanging --but I use it on my dining room table.  

Not only do I love Apples in Fall--but I also love HOT APPLE CIDER. 

Meet  Penny and Patrick,  my little Twin Pumpkins.  They protect my fireplace in Autumn (as you will see in another picture)!!!

Oh how I love PUMPKIN FUDGE in Fall... BUT--as most of you know,  I seem to like anything made with Pumpkin.  George and I enjoy Pumpkin Pancakes almost every week.... YUM.

One of the BEST things about AUTUMN to me is COOLER temperatures,  sweatshirts,  and FIRES in our FIREPLACE..... How awesome is this...

AND---my favorite thing during ALL SEASONS  is being with the Love of my Life,  George.  We love just being together --but in Autumn,  we enjoy doing some traveling to see the gorgeous Fall Colors.  This picture was taken in 2013 at the Peaks of Otter,  Virginia.
Well--- I'm sure I could go on and on listing what I love about Fall/Autumn.  Our Roses are still gorgeous and the Autumn Joy Sedum is putting on a show --along with the Vinca.... It is hard for me to choose a favorite season --but overall,  Fall is definitely a favorite...  (Summer is my least-favorite--especially this past Summer when it was miserably hot and dry here.)

I'll bet you have some other favorites of Fall depending upon your interests.  Some of you  creative people probably love the Fall Craft Shows.  IF you have kids around,  you probably love Halloween...  There's just so much to do in Autumn..... Great Season.

Hugs and Blessings,