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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ocean Isle Beach, NC

We are home after a wonderful week at the beach in North Carolina. We only had one day of rain while we were there ---and the rest of the week was PERFECT in every respect. We enjoyed walking and sitting on the beach, reading, relaxing, sleeping --and most of all, the delicious seafood in the area. This is the 4th year we have visited the Islander Inn in May.

Ocean Isle is located just north of Myrtle Beach---so we are close enough to go to the 'city' ---if we are looking for some 'action'.. BUT--we are far enough way to get away from the crowds. AND--all of the delicious, fresh Calabash seafood is near here. This is a perfect place to be---in our opinion.

Our room is like a fancy motel room (with king bed, big flatscreen TV, internet, sofa, small frig, microwave, etc.)---and is perfect for us for the week. They provide a good breakfast each morning ---so we only snack at lunch and then eat a nice dinner out each night.

Here are some pictures taken this year while at Ocean Isle. Above is looking north from our balcony toward the fishing pier. Below are more.

This is another view of the Atlantic Ocean ---from our balcony. That place is just so peaceful!!!!

Here's one more picture taken from our balcony. This one is looking south. You can see the gazebo and part of the pool/lounging area in this picture.

Here's looking back at the Islander Inn from the beach. The Islander consists of 7 buildings (all with the red roofs). This year we were in Building 1 (last one on the right) --in the top left room. (NOTE: The building with the blue roof is part of another set of motel buildings next door, similar to Islander Inn.)

Here's a close-up of our building.. You can see that our door is open from the balcony into the room. We love to hear the waves ---so we leave the door open most of the time. The swimming pool is below us ---but since it was a quiet week, there was never much noise.

We picked a perfect week to go this year. There weren't many people around (which we love) ---and it seemed as if we had most of the area and the beach to ourselves all week!!!! And--as much as I love the sun, we were very careful this year ---using LOTS of sunscreen. SO- no sunburns!!!! Yeah!

We have many more pictures to share ---but just wanted to show you our little home this past week. It was awesome ---but I am also glad to be home again!!!!

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day. I did --since my 'baby' came to visit me. My baby is almost 39 yrs. old now... Yipes!!!! We had a wonderful day and went to dinner at the Cumberland Mountain State Park Restaurant. It was delicious ---but even better was the company of a wonderful son. He brought me two gorgeous hanging baskets for our yard. SO PRETTY!!!!

One more note: We also were lucky that our area of TN was spared from all of the flooding while we were gone. We did have 4.5 inches of rain that weekend in our area--but found everything at our home in good shape (including the weeds) when we got home Saturday. Please don't forget to pray for and help as you can, those people who lost so much due to the flooding. It's just very sad to see the devastation.

Hope all of you had a wonderful week. I read many blogs---but didn't comment as much as I usually do. Hopefully, I'll catch up with all of you soon.