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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gorgeous Tulips and Azaleas

NO---this is not our home  (wish it was--ha)!!!!  These pictures were taken on April 3, 2012 when we were on the way to Balsam Mountain Inn.  This is the BILTMORE HOUSE and GARDENS,  one of our favorite places.  We just had to stop by to see what was blooming now at Biltmore....

WELL--even though the rain was coming,  we still were able to get some great pictures of the beautiful Tulips and Azaleas in bloom there now.   Hope you enjoy our pictures, but be sure to click on them for larger views.  The picture above was of one side of the Walled Garden area... I loved the way they arranged all of the tulips and other blooming flowers.  (I used my Photoshop Elements program to erase all of the people around!!!!)

Look at all of these AZALEAS...  We took a short walk in order to get some pictures of the Azaleas... This was a perfect time to see them!!!!

This is neither an Azalea nor a Tulip... BUT--since I had never seen one like this before,  I just had to share it.  Its name is a DWARF  FOTHERGILLA.    Isn't it grogeous?

I took this picture of George standing in front of some beautiful lavender-colored AZALEAS...  I'm not sure that his shirt blends in with that color ---but it will blend in with our last picture today!!!

This is the Arbor --which is the main walkway between the two big areas of flowers in the Walled Garden... Aren't the Tulips pretty along this area?

You can tell how much I loved the extra little walk to see the Azaleas at Biltmore. SO pretty!!

These next two pictures are my favorites from this visit to Biltmore...The first one was taken by me from the Arbor facing those gorgeous white dogwoods at the top of the picture.... While I was taking more pictures in the Walled Garden,  George hiked up to where those dogwoods are and took a fabulous picture of the Walled Garden from above.   (Again,   I took out all of the people and the cars from these pictures.)

Here is the opposite look from the picture I just took.  George is up by the dogwoods looking down into the Walled Garden...  Isn't this just AWESOME????  I'm so glad that he went up there to get a 'total' view.....  (Storms were coming.  Can you see the dark sky above???  We did make it back to the car BARELY... ha)

Finally,   here is a picture we took (with the tripod) of us in front of the Tulips at the Walled Garden at Biltmore... NOW--our shirts blend in !!!!!! (These shirts are ones we bought a few years ago when we visited Cloudland Canyon State Park in GA.)

Biltmore is amazing --especially if you are 'flower lovers' like we are... There's something different during every season... It's just one of our favorite places to visit...

Have a beautiful day!!!