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Monday, October 9, 2017

Antelope Slot Canyon Tour, Page, Arizona 9/18/17

Us inside Antelope Canyon  9/18/17  (taken by our tour guide)
Dear Friends,   OH MY GOODNESS---how do I ever explain this tour which we took while on our Western Trip to Utah/Arizona in September this year???????   I will show pictures -- and try to explain it--but it is just one thing you need to experience firsthand yourself....  Truly Amazing!!!!

We took the Chief Tsosie's  Antelope  Slot Canyon Tour on September 18  when we were in Page,  Arizona...   We chose the late afternoon tour of the Upper Canyon...   (The next time we are there,   I'd love to go on the Lower Canyon tour.)  

I had NO IDEA what we were going to experience.. I knew that we met as a group and rode on a truck WAY back on dirt roads into the deep canyon areas around Page.  I truly had no idea what a 'slot' canyon was until we got there...  I have driven in vehicles through deep canyons many times --but had never WALKED into a canyon which looked like a CAVE....   That is what we did....

BUT--the neat thing was that  even though you felt as if you were in a cave,  there were openings in the top --which made for some awesome pictures throughout.... We walked totally through the 'canyon' from one side to the next --and then back...  This was truly an experience of a lifetime for sure for me.

Hope you enjoy the pictures....  Use your imagination and you can 'see' faces or other designs throughout the canyon....  The top and bottom pictures of us were taken by our GUIDE.....

Canyon Entrance;   Betsy says:  "We are walking WHERE?"

Inside the Canyon --with the light shining through!!!   What do you see????

Beautiful designs and colors inside the canyon!

Some places,  it was darker than in other places!

Interesting colors/lighting here.... Some say this looks like the side view of a woman....

I love the colors here.

Can you see the side view of a face in this one?????

Here is a view of the path through the canyon.

Our Tour Guide,  along with a couple of people on our tour;   He talked quite a bit about how dangerous these canyons can be when it RAINS there.  They fill up with water quickly... You can see the water line --behind the guide's shoulder...   Luckily,  there was no rain when we were there.

What do you see here????   

Many groups/tours are going on at almost the same time in the canyon....  Here's a picture of some of the people.

Seems as if the BIRDS enjoy the canyon also!!!!

More pretty colors;  More beauty!!!!  Isn't this just amazing?????

Looks like a Kissie-Kissie moment to me....  What say you????

Where we came out on the 'other' side of the canyon --before going back through.

The truck we rode in when going to the Canyon 

We sat back here --in groups of about 12 (6 on each side)....    I will say that it was a BUMPY ride --but we did have seatbelts....

One more picture of US inside the canyon  (taken by our guide)....
WELL my Friends.... How many of you have ever done anything quite like this?  I had NEVER ---and am still thinking about that magnificent experience....

Hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I did sharing them with you...   IF you want more information about this tour,   click HERE.