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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA

George and I spent three days at gorgeous Cloudland Canyon State Park in Northwest Georgia from March 8-11, 2008. We enjoyed our cabin, the beautiful views, the sunsets and especially the three waterfalls there. This was my surprise trip for George on his birthday in '08. It will take several blog posts to tell you about the entire trip ---but today, I will give show you a little from one of the most gorgeous state parks and canyons in Georgia (we think). Above is a view of Cloudland Canyon just as the sun was beginning to set. Below are more pictures.

Here's another view of the canyon from our overlook.

The first waterfall we saw was directly across from the overlook. This huge waterfall, Sitton Gulch Falls, is at least 500’ high we think!

You can tell by the smile on my face that I loved this canyon, the view and that huge waterfall.

This was the cute little cabin that we rented while we were there.

The birthday boy loved this cabin.. We both did!!!!!

Since George's birthday is in March, the weather was still COLD while we were there. We definitely enjoyed a roaring fire in the fireplace while we were at the cabin.

Of course, a vacation wouldn't be a vacation for us unless we checked out the sunset.

We stood and watched the sky get more and more beautiful --as the sun disappeared.

George took this picture of the canyon --as we walked about 600 steps down to the bottom.

There are two huge and gorgeous waterfalls down inside the canyon. This one is named Upper Cloudland Canyon Falls and is 50' high.

Another hike led us to Lower CLoudland Canyon Falls. This one is 90' high. They both were gorgeous ---and made the hike down worthwhile. (We won't talk about those 600 steps back up though!!!! ha)

I will show you more pictures from our three days at Cloudland Canyon State Park --in blogs to come. BUT---if you are ever in Northwest Georgia, please check out this wonderful place. There are hiking trails as well as camping available.