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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Somebody Had a Birthday

When we were in Arkansas, we celebrated my Sweetie's birthday on March 9. We had a good day. We visited a waterfall at Lake Catherine State Park and also Garvan Gardens near Hot Springs. We saw beautiful flowers AND we saw several waterfalls/cascades throughout the gardens. When we got to the cabin, George lit a fire in the fireplace for us --and we enjoyed some Beef Stroganoff for dinner. We saw the sunset from our back door. Then we relaxed and watched a little TV. About 9:00---we lit the candles on the cake; George made a wish; --and then blew the candles out. We enjoyed a piece of his chocolate truffle cake and some of his favorite ice cream, Cookie Dough!!!! YUM!!! Then he opened his cards. The rest of this special day was spent relaxing, reading and watching TV. I think he had a marvelous day and I KNOW that I did.

His big birthday dinner was the next evening (since the restaurant wasn't open on Mondays). We went to Savanah's Riverfront Cafe and had prime rib, baked potatoes, salads and homemade rolls. Delicious!!!! So I guess George can say he had a two-day birthday this year. (You know--as we get older---birthdays last many more days!!! ha)

Here are pictures from the birthday!!!!! Above is my favorite.. George is smiling after reading a card from ME!!!! Below are more pictures.

Here's the delicious cake... (NO---I didn't make it. It came from WallyMart!!! ha)

And he huffed and he puffed and he...

...almost burned the house down!!!! It's a good thing I didn't put 67 candles on that cake---or he REALLY may have caused a big fire!!! ha ha

Card time!!!!

This is our fireplace in the cabin. We had a fire going almost the entire week--especially late in the week, when there was ICE all over the place outside. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting by the fire, reading a good book!!!!

Our only sunset of the entire week was on George's birthday, March 9th. AND even then it was very cloudy..

These pictures were taken from our back porch. I think that sun was only peeking out ---to wish George a Happy Birthday.

Hope you enjoyed George's birthday as much as we did. Sorry I didn't save some ice cream and cake for you.. Somehow(????) they both disappeared. Guess the deer came by and ate it all.

Have a wonderful Sunday. God Bless You and those You Love!