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Friday, August 14, 2009

Could it Be???? A Red-HEADED Woodpecker

Since George bought me a laptop computer for my birthday (isn't that sweet?)---I have been able to do my blogging and emailing from my 'throne' (sofa) while watching all of the birds who come to our deck to eat. Because I'm in there longer, I've been able to get some new pictures to share.

First of all, let me say THANKS to friend NC Mountain Woman (Carolyn) for mentioning the Red-HEADED Woodpeckers on her August 10th blog. The very day she said that she really wished that she had a Red-headed at her house/area, one showed up (with its baby) at my feeders. Thanks, Carolyn!!! I'm sure they wouldn't have come here if you hadn't have mentioned them.... ha ha...

Anyhow--- of all of the woodpeckers I have seen in my yard (Pileated, Red-bellied, Red-headed, Downy and Northern Flicker) ---the Red-headed is definitely my FAVORITE. I like them all---but since we see the Red-headed ones so rarely, I was one excited gal when he came to the feeders that day. He is pictured above. More pictures below. You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Now---isn't that one gorgeous bird!!!!! That is a Red-HEADED Woodpecker. Remember Woody Woodpecker???? This is Woody!!!!

This little guy is a Juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker. At first I wasn't sure---but after research, I now know that the little ones don't have their red color yet. Isn't he a cutie??? Have you ever seen one???

My clothesline is full of feeders. I liked this picture because it shows a male Red-BELLIED Woodpecker (Pete) at one suet feeder, and a Brown Thrasher at the other suet feeder. Yes---our Brown Thrashers are still around ---and they love my suet.

For about 3-4 days, Daddy Cardinal has been bringing his new babies to the deck --to teach them to learn to eat. I featured some pictures of them a few days ago--but I now have more pictures. This little guy is a baby Cardinal. His makes a little 'tinker-bell' type of sound --and when Daddy feeds him, he just shakes all over. I mentioned this before, but the baby Cardinals don't have their red beaks yet.

Here is a cute picture of Daddy feeding his baby. Oh--how I've enjoyed watching them!

My baby Bluebirds are regular visitors at the feeders also. They are also trying to learn to eat.

Count them----1,2,3 baby Bluebirds on the clothesline!

They seem to be talking to each other---and wondering what to do next....

This is probably a big brother ---encouraging one of the little ones, and maybe giving him a bite to eat. (Wish I could hear what they were saying!!! ha)

See all of the orange on this Bluebird??? He's not one of the babies---so I assume that he's an older brother or sister. Remember --there were two broods making a total of 8 babies born in our yard this summer. These are such beautiful birds.

Another one of the babies; Believe it or not, they don't go to the plate feeder as much as they do the suet... The plate feeder has fruit and sunflower chips (things I thought they would like). But--for some reason, most of my birds seem to like the suet.... Who knows!!!!????

Four Bluebirds ---all in a row!!!! Cute, aren't they???

Hope you enjoyed my bird pictures today. Wish you were here ---and I'd share my throne with you and maybe my laptop... On second thought----NO!!!! ha ha


P.S. I'm taking a couple of days off from Blogging to work on Family History. Blogging has taken so much time and even though I love it, I have so much Family History to enter into my Family Tree program. I'll post again on Monday morning. SO---have a wonderful weekend!!!