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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More from the Biltmore Conservatory

I have so many gorgeous pictures from the Biltmore House and Gardens Conservatory from our 2/14/11 visit.  Today I will share more with you ---this time showing of the 'overall' views in the conservatory.  The conservatory is one large building composed of several different rooms ALL filled with gorgeous flowers and plants.

The picture above was fascinating to me how they used that big barrel and the little balls floating in water.  How creative!!!   At Christmastime this area was filled with lots and lots of poinsettias... I think I even posted a picture at that time.

I thought this was a pretty display.

I liked the look of this area --using several different plants.

The ivy surrounding the bottom of this big container was neat I thought.

The minute I saw this picture,  I thought of my friend DARLA .  Darla is  the "Gardening Guru"  ----and is so creative in her big garden.  She uses all kinds of things --even old shoes--to plant flowers in!!!!   You can see why I thought of her when I saw the way this plant was displayed.

Finally,  here is one more beautiful picture from the Conservatory... I wish each of you who love flowers and plants like I do, could visit the Biltmore House and Gardens.  It's in Asheville, North Carolina ---so if you ever get near there,  stop by!!!!!!  I can't wait to go back when the outside flowers (like the tulips and daffodils) are blooming.  Wow!!!!

We were gone all day yesterday... Visited George's parents,  ran some errands,  and met some great blog friends for dinner in Lebanon (at the Cracker Barrel). Pictured above is blog friend NEAL,  his beautiful wife, Patti, and daughter, Allison.  They live in Indiana and are headed for a short vacation down the Natchez Trace.  It was great to see them again.  IF you get a chance, check out Neal's blog.  He posts some incredible photos.

Because of our busy day,  I haven't visited any of your blogs yet... I will try to catch up this week!!!!  Have a great day.