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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Reasons I LOVE Mt. Nebo, Arkansas

On March 5th after returning from our wonderful trip to 'our' mountain cabin in Mt. Nebo, Arkansas,  I listed some of the many things I love about being there.  IF you missed that post,  click HERE.   Today,  I'll share some more things I (we) love about being at Mt. Nebo.   On the March 5th post,  I showed you the sunrise...  The picture above is a SUNSET picture... We took this picture from our back porch at the cabin... Isn't it marvelous?  Be sure to click on the pictures to see them larger.

Since we love waterfalls so much,  I must show you the MT. NEBO WATERFALL...  Arkansas was pretty dry this year (compared to other years when we go) but there was a little water coming over the falls this year. 

Our BRADFORD PEAR trees are finally blooming here NOW---but when we were in Arkansas two weeks ago,  theirs were already blooming.   SO much beauty in the spring--even if it is an early spring.

Sitting on the back porch at the cabin,  we can enjoy not only the day views of the valley below --but also the NIGHT VIEWS.

I love hiking on the Rim Trail at Mt. Nebo and coming across a big patch of beautiful DAFFODILS in bloom. 

If you love the sunrises and sunsets like we do,  then I'm sure you would also love seeing the MOON and STARS from Mt. Nebo.... Nice, huh?

Here's another daytime shot of Mt. Nebo ---looking toward the valley below, but including some of the pine trees and clouds... Nice picture,  don't you think?

Finally,  here is another picture of George and me ---sitting on our back patio,  with a view of the valley below.   This is really a fantastic place....  Wish I were there RIGHT NOW....

Hope you have a great day.