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Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunflowers Galore!

First of all,  let me say a HUGE Thank You to so many, many of you who commented/emailed/contacted/text/messaged after my blog post last Friday.  Blogging and Facebook friends are INCREDIBLE... You all gave me so much HOPE... Thanks so very much!

Today I'll post another favorite time we had on my Birthday Trip this year.  On August 6, 2013---we stopped at a favorite place of ours,  the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina.  One of my posts last week (click HERE) talked about the beautiful Italian Garden (where we showed photos of the waterlilies and lily pads).  Today---I will share another favorite part of that particular visit to Biltmore,  and that is of their beautiful SUNFLOWERS.

I love all kinds of flowers --but in August,  the Sunflower fields at Biltmore are FABULOUS...  Hope these photos will make you smile today!  Just sit back,  get a cup of coffee or tea, and relax while you see the photos.

Bet sure to click on the photos for enlargements...  The photo above is a favorite of mine --and one that you already saw if you checked out THIS blog post.... BUT--it just tells the true way I feel about being 'in' the sunflowers...

George has to take off all of the 'gear' in order to set up the tripod to take our photo together.

So many Sunflowers ---and so much fun!!!!!!

The Bees love the Sunflowers!!!!!  (Glad they didn't 'love' us!!)

"Okay, Dear... Stand Still --so that I can get this set up right!!!"

Not only do the Bees love the Sunflowers --but the Butterflies love them also!

"Is this where you want me, Honey?"

Here is a far-away look at more of the Sunflowers... They go and go and go!!!! SO MANY of them!!!

Here is our photo together using the tripod....

Finally,  here is a cute picture of my Sweetheart in the Sunflowers!!!!!

Hope our photos made you smile today.. Sunflowers are such gorgeous flowers... If you are ever at Biltmore the first week of August,  be sure and check out the Sunflowers...

Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts on my Friday's post...  I love you all!!!!