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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lake Catherine State Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

One of the first places we visited in Arkansas this year was Lake Catherine State Park (near Hot Springs). Lake Catherine is a gorgeous lake and the state park offers camping, hiking, water sports, playgrounds, cabin rentals, boating, and more. The reason we specifically went to this area was to hike to a new waterfall, Falls Creek Falls. (NOTE: This is not the Fall Creek Falls near us here in TN.)

It was a VERY hot day---in the '80's. So obviously, this was before the Ice Storm... Ha! I even purchased a short-sleeved shirt to wear since I get SO hot when I hike... We did enjoy the hike ---so I hope you enjoy our photos. Above is a photo of Lake Catherine. Below are more pictures.

The trail was well-maintained ---and the path followed the lake to the waterfall. George is on a little suspension bridge. (I used to call them "Swinging" Bridges.)

This is another view as we hiked along the lakeside.

George took this picture of me on the suspension bridge. I never feel sturdy on those wiggly bridges!!! ha

We made it to Falls Creek Falls... This is a picture of the waterfall from the side. Falls Branch flows into Lake Catherine. The waterfall is twelve feet high and didn't have much water the day we were there. (Bet if we had have gone back the end of the week --after all of the rain, there would have been MUCH more water flowing over the falls.)

I am resting and enjoying this little waterfall while George roams around getting pictures.

We enjoyed the rock formations all around this waterfall. Wonder what is living in those caves/holes??????? Yow!

George loves to take waterfall pictures from all angles. I like this picture of him on top of the rocks at the top of the falls. 

Along the trail, there was a neat little bench where we stopped to REST and enjoy the lake. We even saw a turtle sunning himself on a rock. 

One last look at this gorgeous little waterfall, Falls Creek Falls at Lake Catherine, near Hot Spring, AR. Hope you enjoyed the hike with us!!! At least, you weren't as hot as we were!! ha

P.S. Please forgive me for not getting to your blogs yesterday as much as I would like to... This is a busy yard time for us---and working out there raking and mulching takes away from my computer time. I'll try to catch up soon. BUT--today we're going to Hendersonville to check on George's parents. SO---I'll catch up as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting my blog!