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Monday, May 30, 2016

Tribute to our Veterans

If you missed my blog post talking about our recent trip to the beach,  click HERE.  In that post,  I talked a lot about our wonderful experiences at the Sunset Beach Town Park (Sunset Beach, NC).   We fell totally in love with that amazing little park.

One special part of the park was a fantastic monument honoring all Veterans...  George and I are both EXTREMELY patriotic---so we enjoyed that monument each time we were at the park. Being there truly brought tears to my eyes.

Today I'll honor our Veterans on Memorial Day by sharing more pictures of the monument.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy sharing them.

We didn't know why the flag was at half-staff one day when we were there.

Can you tell how much we love that park?  Not only did I enjoy the monument --but I also enjoyed all of the big trees. 

Tributes to loved ones (probably from the Sunset Beach and surrounding community residents) were listed  throughout the monument area

I love this picture of George paying homage to the flag--and to our Veterans.

Here's one last picture of the entire monument.  George took this one from another angle --when the flag was "perfectly"  blowing in the wind.
Happy Memorial Day to ALL...  Let's never forget what these brave people did for US and for our FREEDOMS... God Bless them ALL --and God Bless America.