Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Monday, July 30, 2012

The End of our Beautiful Lilies

Black Beauty Tiger Lily
Here's my final group of pictures of our 19 varieties of LILIES in our yard this year.  If you missed any of these 5 blog posts,  click  HERE.   Hope you enjoy this final group!

The picture above is one of our little tiger lilies...  I LOVE these little lilies... This one is named is Black Beauty...  Pretty, isn't it? Be sure to click on all of the pictures in order to see them larger.

Several of you have asked to see 'group' pictures of the lilies.  That is never easy to do since the lilies (and daylilies) all bloom at different times... That is a good thing though since we enjoy lily blooms for a couple of months.. When one variety quits blooming, another takes its place.  SO---that is why it is hard to get a 'group' picture of all of them!!!!  

The picture above is of our 'road flowerbed' ---and you can see lilies,  daylilies and roses all blooming.

Golden Splendor Lily
This beauty is named Golden Splendor...  It is such a beautiful lily.

Gold Band Lily
The last lily to bloom in our yard  (there are only a couple of blooms left in this one),  named Gold Band...  We enjoyed it for about 3 weeks...  Someone asked how long lilies bloom...  I think most of the buds will stay pretty for about 2-3 weeks....(Daylilies are different in that each blossom only blooms for ONE day.. BUT--there are usually lots and lots of blossoms --which keep the plant blooming for several weeks.)

This  is another view of several of the lilies in bloom in our side flowerbed... As I have previously said,  most of our lilies are planted in this long bed ---and in the road and the lamppost beds.

Trebbiano Lily
This little beauty is named Trebbiano.  As you can tell,  this lily is very pale yellow  (almost white) in color... This lily is located in the side flowerbed (not far from our swing)...

Sarina Lily
And this lily is named Sarina.   George took this photo --and this lily was one of several varieties in our lamppost flowerbed.   Yellow is one of my favorite colors this time of year,  and this one with its spots is quite unique.

Garden Pleasure Lily AND Touching Lily
Here is a picture showing you how many lilies were blooming at the same time in our road flowerbed...  Aren't they just gorgeous?  That is Touching on the right and Garden Pleasure on the left....

Garden Pleasure Lily
Finally,  besides Pink Perfection and Touching and Gold Band,  here is the 4th group of lilies in the road flowerbed that bloomed and bloomed and bloomed this year...  This one is Garden Pleasure---and a pleasure it was!!!!    As I said above,  a couple of Gold Band lilies are all that are left in our yard now... We'll have to wait 'til next year to see all of these again....

Hope you enjoyed seeing our lilies this year.  It's hard for me to pick a favorite... I loved Lollypop and Montenegro --since they were some of the early bloomers.   But there are others I love --such as this one (Garden Pleasure) and also Touching...  Overall though,  I guess,  if I had to pick a 2012 favorite lily,  I would choose Pink Perfection...  After looking at all of the lily posts,  you need to pick a favorite also....

Have a wonderful Monday. We are going to see the sunflowers at Biltmore....  Hope they are gorgeous  like they were last year when we were there.

Hope you are watching the OLYMPICS...  They are great... so many wonderful,  hard-working athletes.   SO proud of them!!!!