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Monday, September 30, 2019

Peaks of Otter, VA (8/5/19) -Part II

Looking up to SHARP TOP peak;  We didn't have time to go to the top of Sharp Top this trip--but we will stay an extra day next year so that we can get back up there!!!
Dear Friends,   Since last week,  George and I have taken another short trip.   We enjoyed staying at the Pisgah Inn along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville,  North Carolina,  for a few days.....  We had terrific  weather there with some cooler temperatures up on that mountain.  Loved it!!!!

BUT--today I am going to share Part II of my pictures from the Peaks of Otter on my birthday (8/5/19)....  IF you missed Part I,  click HERE to see those pictures first....

Hope you enjoy Part II from this amazing place!!!!

This is a close up of the top of Sharp Top Mountain.   They provide a bus which takes us part of the way up that mountain --and then we hike the remainder in order to get to the top.  (OR --you can hike up the entire mountain!!!!)

This is us taken from the peak of Sharp Top ---taken on a previous trip to the Peaks of Otter...  We opted to take the bus up and then hike the rest of the way....

Our view from the top of Sharp Top---looking down at Lake Abbott.  You can see the lodge housing down there... Isn't it gorgeous from up there???   That's why we want to do it AGAIN next year.

A view from our balcony of  Lake Abbott

One of our TWO walks around Lake Abbott on the day we were there... We were coming out of our lodge building and heading down to the walking path... 

As we walked around the lake,   I took this picture of the main lodge building  (check-ins and restaurant there).

Love the reflections in the water in this picture;   The Peaks of Otter is a great place to just RELAX... People here were enjoying the big campfire!!!

The Birthday Girl on our walk across the lake.

Lodging at Peaks of Otter;  Our room was on 2nd floor in Building 1 (on the left)

I took this picture of George on our walk around the lake.

Walking around the lake gives us so many pretty views from all directions.

A big dinner for the Birthday Girl;  That Pork Chop was INCREDIBLE --but too big for one meal.  We took a bunch home with us for more dinners!!!!!! 

After that big meal,  we just HAD to take another walk around the lake (1 mile)!!!!    AND---this time we stopped and enjoyed the FirePit for a little while.... NO---I'm not on fire ---even though it looks that way!!!!! ha ha 

A beautiful sunset across Lake Abbott --after a beautiful day...
Good Night from the Peaks Of Otter!!!!!  Hope you enjoyed all of my photos...

Have an awesome week!!!!!