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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grandchildren's Summer Visit

Two of our grandchildren and their father (son, Jeff) came to spend the day with us yesterday. While we went grocery shopping, they went fishing at one of our neighborhood lakes. Then we all went to St. George's Marina and Beach for a picnic lunch... We just barely finished gulping down our lunch when the rains came!!!!! SO---we came back home for awhile ---and the kids enjoyed seeing all of our birds.

After about an hour, we went back to the marina ---so that the almost 14-yr old grandson could fish and the 11 yr. old granddaughter and her Daddy could swim. After a couple of hours there, we came back home ---and then went out to dinner. Then they left--to drive back to Chattanooga (Jeff's home). It was a GREAT day---and George and I always love spending time with our grandchildren (and children of course). Pictured above is the beach and lake at St. George's Marina here in Fairfield Glade. Below are more pictures.

This is "A" on her daddy's shoulders in the water.

Another shot of father and daughter playing in the water

Above is a cute photo of son Jeff!!!!! That water felt good on a hot, summer day!

This sweet granddaughter looks like her Daddy!!!

Grandson "L" was fishing out on the dock. I had a hard time getting a good picture because of the boats parked nearby.

Later, L's father had to go out there to help out!!!! (Both of these guys LOVE fishing!)

Back from fishing, I snapped this picture of the two fishermen (with NO fish in hand).... "L" is almost as tall as his Papa!!!!!

While the guys fished, "A" built a huge sandcastle on the beach.

My favorite photo of "A" ---showing off her sand art!!!!

A great picture of Jeff and "L" at dinner last night

"A" at dinner last night; Isn't she a cutie pie?????

We had a wonderful visit ---and we hope they did also!!!

Hope you had a great day yesterday also.