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Friday, February 7, 2014

Photos taken on February 6, 2014

Northern Mockingbird
PART I:  I took some bird photos (2/6/14) ---and thought I would share them with you.   I also have another SURPRISE which I will show you toward the end of this post!!!

Above is a new bird to my feeders,  a Mockingbird.  I know that Mockers are common --but for some reason,  none have ever visited my feeders before.  I was thrilled to see one today!!!!  Believe it or not,  that was the 30th different bird to visit our feeders since I started feeding the birds several years ago.  I keep a list --and have seen other birds in other places.  But this count is only the ones who have visited  my feeders.

Here are a few more photos of some of my bird visitors on the 6th.  Click on them for enlargements:
Carolina Wren

Mourning Doves
Northern Cardinal (they are even more beautiful in winter)

American Robin
This beauty is my BULLY BIRD....  He is only a winter visitor when the ground is frozen --but this winter,  he thinks he OWNS the Bird Kitchen.. He loves to scare the other birds away from 'his' kitchen.  Luckily,  the other birds don't seem to pay much attention to him!!!!!  But---he's my BULLY this year!!!

"YES,  I'm talking to you, Mr. Robin.  Don't look at me like that!!!!"
This Robin hasn't been taught very well by his Mama... He manages to POOP all over my deck...  Bad Birdie!!!!!! ha ha

Northern Mockingbird
Finally,  here's one more photo of my 'new' bird.  Isn't he pretty?????


Here's my surprise......
Have any idea what this is??????  I had it made on ZAZZLE --using 3 of my photos from Mt. Nebo, Arkansas

Here's the other side of that unknown thingee!!!!!!  Any ideas????

Hmmmmmm---it opens up!!!!  Maybe it holds something special... Ya think???

Ahhhhh---that thing behind it may be what goes in there!!!!  Recognize it now???

Here it is ---my NEW LAPTOP  ( a MacBook Air) ---look how thin it is!!!

Betsy's new Macbook Air
I have an older Macbook  (which still works well and will be for sale soon).  BUT--I wanted more memory for my photos when we travel.  This one is PERFECT.   I'm having fun learning all of the new things it will do! 

George also got a new toy (a new iPad --to replace his old one) ---and I'm sure he will talk about his new 'toy' sometime in his blog.  SO---we are both enjoying our new purchases --trying to keep up a little with technology!

I'll stop by showing you another photo  of the new laptop... I didn't like the color it showed in the previous photo (since it is SILVER) ---so I decided to show you another one.  (Excuse the mess!  This is my 'clean' desk---or at least part of it... ha)

Hope you enjoyed my photos from Feb. 6. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.  Stay WARM wherever you are.  It's been cold and cloudy here FOREVER it seems.  Where's the sunshine?????  OH---what am I saying??? The sunshine is within my heart!!!!!  Right???

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