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Monday, April 13, 2009

Uh Oh---You are NEXT!!!!

I've Been Tagged. My sweet friend, REBECCA, has tagged me. Check out her blogsite by clicking on her name. You'll love it and love her!!!! She's also from my state of Tennessee.

Here's what I had to do:

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Seeing our Roses in bloom
2. Getting some new pictures of my backyard birds, and seeing new birds
3. Going to the beach in May
4. Seeing some new waterfalls, and traveling/hiking
5. Tornado season being OVER in our area
6. Living many many more healthy years with George
7. Meeting some of my new blogger friends in person
8. Having more time to do Family History (including visiting cemeteries, etc.)

8 Things I Did Yesterday (which was Saturday -since I wrote this on Sunday):
1. Got up!!! (ha)
2. Worked in yard
3. Had omelets (made by my sweetie) for breakfast/brunch
4. Went to the recycle center
5. Went to Wallymart
6. Went to the KFC for dinner
6. Watched TV (Rick Warren's Easter message)
7. BLOGGED----wrote one and answered comments
8. Went to BED!!!!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Lose weight without dieting OR exercising (HA)
2. Find a way to keep the stupid Chipmunks out of the bird food on my deck
3. Learn more of my backyard birds' songs (I get so mixed up!!!)
4. Wish I could have seen more snow this winter (Sigh!)
5. See my sons more--and the grandchildren
6. Own a log cabin on top of a mountain somewhere
7. Wish I had as much energy as I did when I was younger (ha)
8. Wish my friend Susan was totally WELL

Things I Am Currently Watching:
Since we are TV watchers (and never go to the movies) I'll list some of our favorite shows (in no particular order).
1. House
2. Criminal Minds
3. Leverage (my new favorite one this year)
4. The Closer (LOVE this show)
5. Damages
6. Saving Grace
8. all of the Law and Orders
9. all of the CSI's
10. "24"
11. Flashpoint
12. Southland (new show)
13. Bones
ETC. ETC. ETC. (ha)

Now, I am tagging these people: ALL of you but only if who want to do this!!!!!! Consider yourself tagged!


P.S. Check the top right on my sidebar!!!! I've only been on Blogger since January 1, 2009 (103 days)---and I have had over 10,000 visitors to my site. I remember when I was on another blogging site, there were many days that I'd only get one or two comments... WOW---Blogger is incredible!!! Thanks to all of you who visit me day in and day out... Please take one of my awards and put it on your sidebar from ME. I love you!!!