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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mirror Lake --in Different Seasons

Yesterday, I took a picture of an almost frozen Mirror Lake here in Fairfield Glade. (Note picture above.) We pass by this lake every time we go to and fro through the Glade---so we enjoy seeing it during all of the seasons. This however is the first time we have seen it THIS frozen since we bought our home in 2002. We haven't had this much cold weather for this length of time since we moved here. Yesterday was the first day in over a week when the temperature went above freezing (and it still didn't go up by much)!!!! Then we had some more snow last night! But--'they' say that we are going to get a much-needed warm-up this week... Really??????

After thinking about Mirror Lake, I went back into my 'stash' ---looking for other pictures I have taken of the lake. I was able to find some ---so today, I am sharing Mirror Lake here in Fairfield Glade ----during all seasons!!!

Spring at Mirror Lake

Summer at Mirror Lake; This was in July of 2006 when two of my granddaughters were visiting us... (You won't believe just how these two have grown up since 2006.... Mercy Me!!!)

Mirror Lake during Late Summer

Mirror Lake in early Fall

My favorite Fall picture of Mirror Lake taken in late Fall

Finally, we are back to WINTER... As you can tell, they do not operate the fountain in winter. But--it doesn't even look like the same lake, does it????? Amazing how things look from one season to the next!!!! Hope you enjoyed Mirror Lake during all seasons!!!!