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Monday, February 11, 2019

A Wonderful Day with Family

George took this picture of Mark, Diana and me standing at the brink of OZONE FALLS. 
Dear Friends,   Many of you know exactly what I mean  when I say  "It's a fabulous day when this Mama can spend it with her kids".....    Mark brought his girlfriend, Diana,  to live fulltime in  Tennessee last week.   Diana has lived her entire life in Texas ---so I'm sure that Tennessee is culture shock for her--even though she has been here a few times this past year to visit.

I was thrilled when Mark said that he and Diana wanted to visit us  this past weekend  (Saturday, 2/9/19).  It was wonderful to see Diana again.   Now,  we can officially call her a Tennessee Lady!!!!!  She will be looking for a job soon --and already has some good possibilities.

We 'ordered' a NICE day for their visit...  Luckily,  Mother Nature provided some RARE sunshine even though it was quite cold while out-and-about....  We started by having some lunch together.  Then George and I took them to one of our 'local' waterfalls not far from our home, Ozone Falls.

When George and I moved to Fairfield Glade in 2003,  we visited many of these area places during those early years --but hadn't been back to most of them in several years. SO --it was a fun day not only for them but for us!!!!!   I always enjoy showing people the sights --especially when they enjoy being out in nature as much as we enjoy it.

I'll share a few pictures from that TERRIFIC day with Mark and Diana!!!!

Ozone Falls  State Natural Area  (located near Crab Orchard,  Tennessee)

Mark and Diana at the brink of Ozone Falls;   It was quite chilly --but Diana did manage to take off her coat fairly quickly. The sun was NICE.

George always loves to take water-pictures...  He got some great shots  above the falls and below ...

I love this picture of Diana.  She's a gorgeous woman,  and she and Mark are SO happy together.

Mark and George walked down the rocky path to the bottom of the falls  while Diana and I sat above and had a chance to chat!!!!   The gorge around that waterfall is filled will all kinds of little 'caves'...  Wonder what lives in there at nights???????  Hmmmmmmm...  

This is one of George's awesome pictures of Ozone Falls,  a 110 foot waterfall.

Mark spotted this old wooden train trestle  across the road from Ozone Falls...  I did some research on this old trestle and the train track  and found out that it was probably built between the 1880's--1890's....  

After leaving the Ozone area,  we drove farther east to the Mount Roosevelt Scenic Overlook.  From there we could see the Smoky Mountains in the distance.

Our new Tennessee Beauty wasn't too sure she liked the roller-coaster ride up to that overlook.... ha ha

Two Sweethearts   enjoying the view at Mt. Roosevelt Overlook.  Below them  is the town of Rockwood,  Tennessee.

One more view of the Smoky Mountains in the distance from Mt. Roosevelt Overlook

We came home and watched the Tennessee Vols Basketball team beat Florida!!  YEAH....

George and I welcomed Diana to Tennessee by giving her a plaque to put on the wall in their home.  The plaque says:
"Live by FAITH;  Grow in GRACE; Walk in LOVE"
Welcome to TENNESSEE   Sweet Lady...  Hope you love it here as much as we do!!!!!  Thanks for coming to see us on Saturday... Come back anytime!!!!   We have MANY places to show you in our area!!!!

Blog Friends,  I hope you enjoyed my post... It is so great to have family closer now...  The older I get,  the more important family is!!!!

Have a great week.... Next week,  I'll do Part II of my 2018 Review.