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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Betsy's Blues

I've enjoyed our 2nd brood of Bluebirds this summer in the nestbox in our backyard. The first batch was born the middle of May and fledged the end of May. This 2nd batch were born about July 7---and should fledge anytime now. I'm not sure if Mom and Dad Bluebird will try for a third batch ---but if they do, I'll enjoy every minute of it just like I have these two batches. One of the neatest things is to see the little fledglings grow up --and help Mom and Dad with the new babies. Above is a very proud Daddy Blue. Below are more!!

This is how both broods started.

New Birth!

Mama and Daddy take turns (along with the other juveniles) feeding the little ones. (This poor nestbox is on its last legs. I need to get a new one--but don't want the bluebirds to go elsewhere!!!)

Daddy is feeding them. You can see those mouths open--begging and squealing for food!

Bluebirds keep a very clean nest. Daddy enters that crowded nest---and cleans out all of the fecal material. (By the way, after the little ones fledge, there is never a mess in the nest. Amazing!!)

See one of the babies peaking out???? Bet they wonder what is out there in this big ole' world!!!

Mama Bluebird comes to the feeder and grabs a raisin (and/or other fruit)---and then heads back to the nest.

Daddy Bluebird now takes his turn at the feeder.

"What is out there ??? It looks scary to me!"

Now---it's just a waiting game... I predicted a week or so ago that the birds would fledge on July 25.... SO---that is today!!!!! Wonder what will happen?????? I'll keep you posted!!!


P.S. Besides being 'blue' about the Bluebirds today, I am truly 'blue' about three of my friends. Please pray for Tommy (stroke), Susan (cancer) and Debbie (death of her father). All three of these special people need lots of prayers. Thanks so much!