Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MARCH!!!! My header picture this month is a photo I took of the pretty Crocus blooms in our yard... The Crocuses and Daffodils are the first signs of spring here in Tennessee. I am definitely ready for SPRING...

Monday, December 19, 2022

Christmas at Biltmore 2022, Fireplace Hearth Decorations

 Dear Friends,  As most of you know,  one of George's and my traditions each year is to attend Christmas at Biltmore every December.   This year,  due to horrible weather,  we almost didn't go.  But--we finally decided we would go and see what we could.  What a fantastic decision!!   This year's decorations in the 'big house' were some of the best we've ever seen.... We were there on December 14, 2022.  

As you can imagine,  we took many pictures...  It's hard to know what to share because it is all so gorgeous.  But some of my favorites each year are the decorations on the HEARTHS above the fireplaces in many of the rooms.   SO--since this year's hearths are some of the best ever,  I decided to share a few with you today.  You'll have to pick a favorite --but I guarantee,  that may be hard.  They are all beautiful in their own way.

Hope you enjoy seeing them!!!!

SO---what do you think????  "Christmas at Biltmore" always MAKE Christmas more special for us and I'm so glad we went.  Even standing in the rain didn't seem too bad once we got inside.  

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season..   Remember the reason we are celebrating.  Jesus was born.   Hallelujah ...

Love to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Betsy and George