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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Outside Lights

You may have noticed that we have been missing from Blog World and Facebook recently.. We took a quick 2-day trip to Gatlinburg, TN (Smokies) with our really good friends,  Judy and Charlie.   This was our Christmas trip together ---so that we could see the gorgeous Christmas lights,  eat at a wonderful restaurant,  and talk-talk-talk....

We had rooms at the Rocky Waters Inn (where we enjoyed a balcony --with the roaring river right behind us).  We also had a wood-burning fireplace in the room ----AND our room had a big jacuzzi in it.  What more could one want!!!!  Even though the time was short,  we had a wonderful trip--with terrific friends!  (Thanks, Judy and Charlie!)

We will blog about this trip ---but today,  I want to show you some of the pretty outside lights at our home this year.   I took these pictures on Saturday ---while trying to learn to take BETTER night pictures... I think the photos came out pretty good---so I'll share them with you today. Above is a street view of the front of the house... You can enlarge the pictures to 16x10 for better views.

This is our front porch.  I didn't hang lights this year around the door ---so am just leaving the porch light on instead... The  little tree is decorated with candy canes and red bows...

Here is my hanging basket ---and NO,  this Poinsettia is NOT real... It wouldn't stay alive  outside this time of year!!!

Here is a close-up of the little tree... You can't see much of it,  but we have a holly floor mat beside the door.

This is my favorite 'night picture'  I took that evening---showing one of our 3 lit wreaths.   Hope you enjoyed seeing a few more Christmas pictures from our home.  (Can't wait to show you some of the Christmas lights from Gatlinburg!!! They were fabulous!)

I will try to catch back up with your blogs this week....  It's a busy time of the year (I'm sure for ALL of us--you too I bet)...