Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Visit with Blog Friends

Yesterday was a fabulous day for George and me. We drove to Cleveland, TN (to the Cracker Barrel) and had lunch plus about FOUR hours of talk-talk-talk with blog friends, SHELLEY and LEEDRA. It was fabulous--and seemed as if we had known one another all of our lives. I don't know who talked the most, but poor Greg and George didn't get many words in!!!!! ha
I won't tell you what we said (that would take an eternity)---but I will say that we did talk about YOU... Favorite bloggers---Not-so-favorite Bloggers, Funny ones, etc..... Did your ears burn???? I'm sure your blog fell into the 'Fav' list of course!!!!!!!! Seriously though, we talked about our lives, our hubbies, and life in general.
Since Leedra and I both live in Tennessee, we want Shelley and Greg to come back (they live in gorgeous but cold Michigan)--and we will take them to the Smokies (Cades Cove specifically)... AND---the next time, any of you who live nearby are welcome to come too!!!!! (Sorry Jayne!) Actually, I'd love to meet more of you---if and when you get near us, and we can meet somewhere for lunch or dinner... OR--you can come by and see our Roses and Lilies.
The picture above shows the three of us (Leedra, Betsy, Shelley). More pictures are below ---and I'm sure you can see more on both Shelley's and Leedra's blogs. We ALL had cameras!!!! Are you surprised???? ha

Shelley and I had some time to talk about Leedra (Sh! Don't tell her!!! Ha) before she got there!!!!

George and I gave Shelley and Greg a framed photo of our favorite local waterfall, Fall Creek Falls. We want to take them there someday also!!! Leedra brought Shelley and Greg some beautiful Irises from her garden --for them to plant at their home in Michigan. Shelley gave both Leedra and me a bag filled with all kinds of MICHIGAN goodies. My favorite is a loon magnet... I have already put it on my frig---and can think of Shelley and her love of loons everytime I open my frig. (Of course, she also brought pictures of Scout -her new puppy-- to show us!!!)

Wonder what we were laughing about????? Think we were still talking about Leedra since she still hadn't gotten there??????? ha ha ha (Sorry Leedra!!! We just HAVE to give you a hard time!)

One more photo of the three Bloggers; Shelley's Greg was also there and my George---but they were always taking the pictures!!!!


When we got home yesterday, I walked around outside and took some pictures of our yard. This picture is actually the view I have right now when I stand at my kitchen sink and look outside. Seeing and smelling the lilies certainly makes washing dishes more special!!!!! Wanna come and wash our dishes??? (Click on each picture to enlarge.)

I can sit on our swing on the deck and see and smell these beauties.

Next to the white lilies is a patch of yellow ones.. I love seeing them in groups like this!

Remember in spring when we had Dad Adams' Daffodils in this bed???? WELL---now we have Dad Adams' Daylilies. Aren't they pretty?

Several of you have asked for a 'tour' of our yard. It's hard to show it all---but this is a view from the street looking toward the house. Look carefully and you can see our hanging bird feeder near the Computer Room window.. I love sitting at my 'puter watching the birds come to that feeder!!! Fun Fun!!!

One more view of the front yard ; You can see the Roses --and also some Lilies in the round lamppost flowerbed.
If you ever get a chance to visit blog friends in person ---DO IT. It was wonderful for us today!!