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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart

Little George and his Mom and Dad, about 1943--Where it all Began in Crown Point, Indiana

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart,  George Emery Adams (born 3/9/42).   I am the most fortunate woman in the world to have met and married this fantastic man in 2001... For the past 20 years of our lives,  George and I have packed in many miles of journeys, hikes, experiences ---with a love that just continues to grow and grow... 

Today,  I'll share just a few of these marvelous trips we have taken during these last 20 years.  Hope you enjoy seeing more of the Blessed Life I have with my best friend, my husband, and my lover.

From where it all began,  to the present!!!!  Even though both George and I had great lives before we met, we were both at a turning point in our lives when we met in 2000 in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  Both of us had just moved to TN  and were looking for a new life and new friends... We MET in December of 2000,  had our first date in March of 2001,  and were married in June of 2001... We bought our cute little retirement home in Fairfield Glade, TN in 2002, sold my condo in Hendersonville and  moved here after I retired in 2003.   George continued to work until his retirement in 2006.   

George has the cutest personality and can ALWAYS make me laugh!!!!!!  Laughter along with having fun is a HUGE part of our lives together!

This picture and the next one will show you 12 different trips we have taken through the years.  Taking these trips,  and out searching the back woods for WATERFALLS  have given us so much joy.

Top Row: Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah  AND  Zion National Park, Utah

Middle Row: Mt. Rushmore National Memorial,  South Dakota   AND   The Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Bottom Row:  Antelope Slot Canyon,  Arizona  AND The Grand Canyon,  Arizona

Six More Photos showing just a few more of the JOYS I have with this man!

Top Row:  The Arches National Park,  Utah (Skyline Arch in background),  AND Great Falls of the Potomac,  VA/MD

Middle Row:  Pikes Peak, Colorado   AND  Williamsburg, VA

Bottom Row:  Beartooth Scenic Highway,  Montana/Wyoming   AND   Yellowstone National Park (Upper Falls after a hike down on the Red Rocks Point Trail)

Photography is a passion of George!  Even though we both take pictures,  George IS the real Photographer in the family!!!!  I love this picture of my Sweetie with all of his equipment!

When Mama takes the picture and tells George to 'back up a little'!!!!!!!! Just another picture showing how much fun the two of us have together!


WELL---what more can I say?   I ADORE this extremely smart, handsome, funny, "Cutie Pie" of mine!!!!  God has richly blessed me! 

Thank You, George, for coming into my life 20 years ago --and given me a JOY that I never knew I could have.

Happy Birthday, my Love,