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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woody and Company

As I mentioned last week in my Cardinal blog post, I have gotten many good pictures of my Backyard Birds recently... I got pictures of two new birds to my feeder (a Juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker and a Juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker) this month ---and I saw another new one yesterday while working in the yard (but didn't get a picture yet).

This new one is a Hairy Woodpecker.. There are lots of Downy's which come to the suet feeder --but yesterday, a GREAT BIG Hairy Woodpecker made his way there.. I watched him and got so excited, but since I was in the yard working, my camera wasn't anywhere near. Sigh!! I hope he comes back so that I can get his picture sometime. The Hairys look like the Downys except for the fact that they are larger and have a longer beak. I hope he comes back sometime when I have my camera!!!!

Today, I am featuring an "All-Woodpecker-Post".... Above is one of the largest woodpecker we have in our area, the PILEATED WOODPECKER... Below are more!!!!

DOWNY WOODPECKER: This is a male since the females do not have any red on them.

JUVENILE RED-HEADED WOODPECKER: When I first saw this bird, I had no idea what it was.. His colors are SO different from an adult.

JUVENILE RED-HEADED WOODPECKER: I just had to include one more picture of this little bird.. I hope to get more pictures as he begins to get his colors!!!!

ADULT RED-HEADED WOODPECKER: This is what the little Juvenile will look like someday..

JUVENILE RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER: He is also quite dull with very little color so far.

ADULT RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER: The little juvenile will look like this (depending upon whether it is a male or female) soon. Female Red-bellieds do have red on their heads--but it's not solid along the top and back of the head like the males. And --for any of you non-birders, the adult Red-bellied Woodpeckers DO have a red belly.. It's just hard to see!!!!

NORTHERN FLICKER: This is always one of my favorite birds. This is a male since he has a black mustache, and more red on his head (which is hard to see in this picture).

Hope you enjoyed seeing my pretty little woodpeckers.. I have more birds to show you--but that will be next week. By the way, do you know which of these woodpeckers is the one which Woody Woodpecker represented????? Take a guess!!!!

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