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Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Birds at My Bird Kitchen

Red-headed Woodpecker
Since getting the new deck and bird arbor (which I call my Bird Kitchen) ---I have enjoyed sitting in my air-conditioned home watching some of our sweet little birdies coming back and forth to the feeders...  SO--today I'll share some cuties for you!!!!!

Be sure to click on the photos to see them all larger... Above is my favorite woodpecker (besides our Pileated --which I have missed getting a picture of recently).   This guy is the Red-headed Woodpecker.  I usually see one or two of his 'babies' during the summer --but so far,  I haven't seen one yet...

Bluejay with a peanut in his mouth  (Nuthatches and Bluejays both love peanuts.)
Here is another summer favorite at the kitchen...  I've always heard that Bluejays are loud and aggressive --but I don't see it... They are loud --and love to make their presence known,  but they don't seem to scare any of the other birds away...  I do know that Mr. Bluebird was chasing him away ---or any bird--which got near to his babies in the nestbox.  But--I think all birds do that.

Brown Thrasher
One year the Brown Thrashers built a nest in our Confederate Jasmine bush in the front yard.  Not knowing they were there,  I was working near that bush ---and almost got nipped by one of the parents.. Scared me to death!!!!!!  Needless to say,  I stayed away from that bush until the little ones fledged..... ha  (Note also that the rope on the arbor has now been replaced with chain since this was a newer picture.)

Male Red-bellied Woodpecker
Here is Daddy Red-bellied Woodpecker. They are with us year-round ---and also squawk when coming to the feeder --making their presence known!!!!

Juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker
AND--may I introduce Daddy's baby---a Juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker.  Note that he/she doesn't have any red yet.  Isn't  he precious?

House Finch and Mourning Dove --having a 'discussion'
I have two bird baths --which the birds love,  especially during a hot and dry summer like we are having.  I keep the smaller bird bath on the deck rail --since it plugs in during the winter to keep the water from freezing...  I also change both of these bird baths twice a day during this hot weather.  Birds need water and love it.

Here is a cute picture of a serious discussion going on between a Mourning Dove and a House Finch...  The Dove had been sitting in the water for the longest time --and I think the Finch wanted a turn!!!!!

Male Northern Cardinal
Here's another year-round bird,  our Northern Cardinal.  When I think of Cardinals,  I think of my Aussie friend, Colin.  He loves these Red Birds...  SO--Colin,  this one is for you!!!!

I have more Goldfinches this year than any other bird... They love Nyger (thistle), although like most all of the birds,  they love the plate feeder too ---and love to eat me out of house and home!!!!!

Downy Woodpecker and House Finches
Since I have multi-feeders,  most birds can usually find a place at the table in at least one of them.   I have suet in 3 places... You can see the Downy Woodpecker eating on the side of the 'red house'.... Even though we have more Goldfinch,  we do have some House Finches also.  They are larger than the Goldfinch.

Male Eastern Bluebird
Finally,  here's my 'man'....  The Bluebirds are my fav's ---and guess what they are doing again JUST for me?????  There are eggs in the nestbox ---so they are going to have more babies....  All of this excitement should happen over the next five-six weeks... I'm sure I'll be sharing it with you!!!!!   (I still haven't seen any of the previous set of little ones at the feeders yet --but I probably will soon.)

Also---I do have a few Hummingbirds around now FINALLY...  There aren't too many --but hopefully,  more will come soon... No pictures of them yet though...

One more thing:  You have heard the "How Hot is It" jokes... Anyhow--I have a new one for you, and this one is true... It was so hot here recently that the suet in the feeders MELTED...  I have never had that happen before --but then again,  it has never been as hot here as it has been this summer.  (They say that the non-melt kind doesn't work either---so I just have to take the suet down when the temperature is over 100 degrees.)

Hope you enjoyed seeing my Bird Kitchen today... Can you tell how much I enjoy my birds??????

Have a bird-lovin' Monday!!!!  AND---thanks for all of your prayers, thoughts and good-wishes after our storm..  The golf course people came the next day and cleaned it all up.  All that is left now are two big stumps (which I'm sure they will come back and get soon)...   Sad though to lose those two trees!  But--we were luckier than some.  That same storm did alot of damage in other areas of Tennessee including the beautiful Smoky Mountains...