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Monday, May 21, 2012

George's Fabulous Water Photos

On April 23, 2012,  George and I made a trip to the Smokies..   So far,  I've done 2 posts from that trip.  If you missed either of them,  click HERE  and/or HERE.   Today I'm going to blow my husband's horn (since he doesn't like to do it)...  I'm going to share some of George's pictures taken that day along the creek in those beautiful Smoky Mountains.

George and I both love photography.  However,  I'm not nearly as patient with my photography.  I take LOTS of pictures --hoping for a good one.  George, on the other hand,  is patient and works hard to get the PERFECT photo.  He reads and studies ALOT ---learning more and more about how to take really good photos...

Recently,  after taking a photography class,  he learned about a new FILTER --which he immediately ordered.   This is the filter he got:  Polaroid HD Multi-Coated Variable Range Neutral Density Filter.  Basically this filter darkens the scene so that he can use slower shutter speeds.   WELL----the filter is fabulous when doing water scenes.  The water looks like silk!!!!!   I just HAVE to show you some of George's beautiful water scenes today!!! Hope you enjoy them.  The pictures seem to get better and better,  the more he took them that day.  Be sure and click on the photos for enlargements.

I know I'm prejudiced ---but I truly don't think I've ever seen any water pictures that are much better than any of these.   I am so proud of my hubby!!!!!!  (I know this will embarrass him---but I just have to brag about him!!)  Hope you enjoyed George's photos today. All of the photos were taken along the creek at various places where we stopped and hiked.

Have a wonderful, terrific day!