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Monday, February 4, 2013

Six Inches of SNOW (in spurts)---Finally!!!

WELL---I've waited longer than usual this winter for some SNOW ---but as soon as I took my snow blog down and put up my February Love Blog (do you like it????),  we had some weekend snow...  Guess all of that snow on my blog in January scared our REAL snow away.  Do you think???????? ha

We  got 1-2 inches on Friday (some of which melted that afternoon)--and then on Saturday, we had about 3 inches.  Then on Sunday --we had one more inch.  It was a 'blowing' snow which didn't stick to as many things as I like... And we never had more than 3 inches on the ground at one time.  But Hey----it was at least some snow ----so I'm not complaining!!!!!  You will probably laugh at the pictures I am showing today --especially if you live in areas that get LOTS of snow... BUT--this is Tennessee, and we just don't get much here!!!!  AND---you'll just have to indulge me --and just enjoy this one anyhow!!!!  Just remember how much this ole woman LOVES snow!!!!! ha

Above is another picture of our big Rhododendron (taken Friday)... That poor bush has really been through alot lately.... It was just a few days ago that I posted a picture of it with ICE all over it... Remember that one????

Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

From the deck on Friday,  I took a picture of our woodpile and the surrounding area.  We lost our electricity Thursday night due to heavy winds,  but luckily it was only for an hour.  We gave up and went to bed when everything went dark!!!!  It's nice to have the fireplace ---at times when we lose our power.  The wood on the right is this year's wood and the newer wood for next winter is on the left.

I took this photo  looking out into the back yard --from my deck.  This one was taken Saturday morning.

Here is a picture of one of our holly bushes out front (taken on Friday).

This shows the houses across the street...  I was standing on our front porch looking toward the street... The photo was taken on Saturday morning.  No cars were going up and down our steep hill!!!!

Here's a picture of our big Jasmine Bush in the front yard. Snow is pretty on this bush,  don't you think???  (taken Friday)

And here's the other side of  our house ---showing the side flowerbed... NOTE all of the spring growth!!!!!!   (They don't mind the snow... It is frost that they don't like.) This picture was taken on Saturday morning.

Here's another picture (also taken on Saturday morning) of the side yard ---but this one is looking toward our neighbor's yard and the golf course in back.   Note more spring growth in the flowerbed next to the deck railing.

As I've mentioned many times,  we don't get a good view of the sunrise from our house... However,  when I was outside taking pictures on Friday morning ---I noticed a pretty sky to the east of us.  So I'll close with a couple of neat sky pictures (taken about 6:30 a.m. on 2/1).

I love this one showing the snow clinging to some of the trees...  I had to shoot through the empty lot next door in order to get these two sky photos... (taken on Friday morning)

Hope you enjoyed my little snow pictures....  Friday was a very cold day (10 degrees in the early morning, and a high of about 22 degrees F that day)...... Saturday was a little warmer--but still quite cold.  And Sunday was even warmer.  Brrrrr

Hope you have a great day today!!!  I'll share a bird blog post with you on Friday.  LOTS and LOTS of birds flocked to the feeders during the snowy weekend.  I got some good pictures to share.