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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Family Gathering and Dinner

On Tuesday, George and I drove back to Hendersonville (3rd trip this month) ---but this time, we had a "Family Reunion" at the Cracker Barrel in Gallatin. George's brother and wife were visiting from northern Indiana, and George's sister and hubby drove up from Tullahoma., TN. You can imagine how happy Mom and Dad were to have their three siblings together --even for a short time. Dad had told George on the phone that he didn't know how much longer the family would be able to get to be together. We all hope it will be many more years ---but since Dad is alomst 97 and Mom is 89, who knows?????

Above is a picture of Dad and Mom (seated ) and the kids: George, Janet and Ken. George is the oldest; Ken is two years younger; Janet is about 10 yrs. younger than George. The youngest child in the family, Jimmy (2 yrs. younger than Janet), died when he was a teen. Below are more pictures from the 'party'...

This is a picture of Janet with hubby, Charlie. Charlie suffers from Huntington's Disease-- so, as you can imagine, Janet has her hands full.

This is Ken and his wife, Bonnie. They come to Nashville every year to attend the Country Music Festival. They are HUGE country music fans!

Our good friends, Judy and Charlie, joined the party. They are honorary family members since they do so much to help Mom and Dad. They are also GREAT friends of George and me. As you can see, they brought their 5 month old grandbabies with them. These fraternal twins are just adorable. The one pictured here is Gabriel. He's the ACTIVE one!!!!

This is Charlie with Christian, the calm and easy-going one. Both babies are just gorgeous!!!

This is George's beautiful sister, Janet.

Betsy had to take her turn with Gabriel. Look at that expression on his face!!!!!! ha ha ha

I love this picture of Mom and Dad. They are two incredible people!!!!


In closing, I introduce you to one of my all-time favorite Roses. This one is named MR. LINCOLN---and it smells fabulous!!!! Out of our 48 different rose bushes, 46 of them have now bloomed. Isn't this a beautiful rose????

Hope you are having a great week.