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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Friends are the BEST

Monday was a fabulous day for George and me.  We drove down to Georgia to meet blog friend, MILDRED,  and her hubby, John.   We have met so many great blog friends --and all of them have become friends for a lifetime.

Mildred and George/I  have known each other through blogging for about 2 yrs. She has such a wonderful, uplifting blog.  Please visit her if you have time.  Her wonderful husband, John, has had many health problems --but even with all of this,  we found him to be a warm, caring and a great guy---with a terrific personality...  We could have chatted for hours and hours I'm sure!!!!!

Mildred prepared an early Thanksgiving Dinner (with ham, turkey and all of the trimmings) for us... It was delicious ---and most of you know how much George and I enjoy eating!!!! ha ha .....  She also had heard me say that I couldn't find any Pumpkin Ice Cream here ---so she served it for dessert on top of a delicious Pumpkin Coffee Cake....  YUM-YUM-YUM....

We exchanged 'goodie bags' ---and she filled ours with a new 2011 Nature Lovers' calendar,  some homemade PEANUT BUTTER cookies,   some soft peppermints (which we cannot get here),  and some bulbs and seeds from her yard....   (I asked her not to mention our gift to them yet --since we are giving it as Christmas presents this year.)

I could go on and on  (you know me!!!!)---but let me just share a few pictures with you.  Above is a sweet picture of two blog friends,  Betsy and Mildred.    Below are more.

Mildred and John have a gorgeous home with 2.5 acres of woods around them, plus a creek.  What a joy to see that beauty!!!!!  Above is a picture of the inside living room area --pointing toward the kitchen.  That is Mildred in the distance!!!

This home has a large deck ---including screened in porch.. We enjoyed sitting there most of the time.. I told Mildred that I could 'live' on that porch!!!!!  The picture above is Mildred and John and Harriet (their sweet doggie) on the swing on that screened-in porch.  Sorry the picture is a little dark--but you can still see them.

Here's an old lady who enjoyed spoiling Harriet!!!!!

We walked down to their creek while we were there ---and this is one picture showing the Mountain Laurels around the creek.... That's another place I could just "live"... ha

Finally,  here is a picture of the four of us... George set up the tripod--and we walked out on their deck to take this picture..

IF you ever have a chance to meet blog friends,  DO IT... It's wonderful!!!!!!  We are so blessed to have so many great blog friends,  including Mildred and John.  Please keep these two in your prayers...  John has some major health problems --and we are all praying for his doctors to give him some relief.

Thanks again,  Mildred and John,  for such a BLESSED day... God Bless You BOTH.