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Monday, April 29, 2019

Easter Season with Family

George took this gorgeous Panorama on Easter Sunday at Black Mountain Overlook near Crab Orchard,  Tennessee.  
Dear Family and Friends,   Can you believe that April is almost over??????  Mercy Me--time is flying by!!!!!!    Hope you had a wonderful Palm Sunday AND Easter Weekend...   George and I certainly did...We visited George's daughter,  Kelly,  in her new apartment in Nashville,  TN  on Palm Sunday.   Then my son, Mark,  and his gal, Diana,  came to see us on Easter Sunday....  Thank God for FAMILIES!!!!!

Today I will share pictures from both special days, but unfortunately,  we only took the one picture of Kelly on Palm Sunday... I'm sure we were just too excited to see her new home.....   We obviously had a great day both on Palm Sunday and on Easter Sunday... Hope you enjoy today's pictures.

Handsome Son Mark ---doing some rock hopping at the Black Mountain Overlook, 4/21/19

New Growth everywhere we looked!!!!!   Love the pinecones!!!   4/21/19

Mark and Diana ---at Black Mountain, 4/21/19;   Great view of the Cumberland Plateau!

Mark--climbing down between some of the huge rock formations at Black Mountain,  4/21/19

Diana took this picture of my two guys and an old woman!!!!!!!! I think they were both worried that that old woman would fall off of the mountain.... ha ha

Another picture showing all of the new Spring Growth on that Pine Tree,  4/21/19

George checking out the rock formations at Black Mountain

Superman --climbing around on all of the different rocks at Black Mountain

All of the above pictures were taken on Easter Sunday on our hike to Black Mountain Overlook,  near  Crab Orchard,  Tennessee.. We had a great day for hiking.

The pictures below were taken at an overlook  (looking down toward Daddy's Creek) here in Fairfield Glade,  Tennessee, also on Easter Sunday..

A picture of the Fairfield Glade Overlook on a beautiful Easter Sunday day,  4/21/19

I love this picture of Diana....   She has a sombrero  on her head!!!!!! ha ha

Mark took  this picture of George and me ---at the Fairfield Glade Overlook,  4/21/19

I love this picture of Mark and Diana,  taken at the Fairfield Glade Overlook, 4/21/19

I don't know what we were talking about,  but I must have said something to make Diana laugh!!!!

The one picture we took on Palm Sunday (4/14/19) when we were in Nashville,  visiting  Kelly;   Look at that fancy dessert she was eating...... (No calories of course!!! ha ha)

Back to the Fairfield Glade Overlook:   George took this picture of Mark,  Diana and me on Easter, 2019!!!!
WELL---enough pictures for today!!!!   Hope you enjoyed seeing these family pictures...  The older I get,  the more important it becomes to be with FAMILY.     All in all,  we had a wonderful April ---including both Palm Sunday and Easter... Thanks be to God.

Have a great week!!!!