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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fall Branch Falls, near Blue Ridge, GA

On our Valentine's Trip to North Georgia,  we visited a neat waterfall on 2/13/12 near Blue Ridge, GA.   FALL BRANCH FALLS  is a two (or three)-tiered falls which is about 50' high...  There was a short hike ---and one thing which was interesting was that on one side of the creek was private land with some mountain cabins... And on the other side was the Chattahoochie National Forest...  I kept thinking how much I'd love to have one of those cabins near that waterfall!!!!

Once we got to the waterfall,  there was a viewing platform where we could see the entire falls...  We had never seen this waterfall before --and were thrilled to find it..  IF you love waterfalls and are in the Blue Ridge area,   check this one out...

Hope you enjoy our photos from this waterfall... Above is a picture of the waterfall taken below the observation deck.  Be sure to click on all pictures in order to see them larger.

George took this picture of me as I wandered around the creek below the observation deck..  Even though it wasn't raining,  it was a damp, cold day!  I decided to wear my rain jacket --but George didn't want to wear his.

Here is a picture showing some of the ICE still around the waterfall.  Remember,  this was February 13th and we had had some cold weather.  Do you see the upside down heart in that ice???  Think that was there since Valentine's Day was the next day?????

I took this picture of George from the observation deck --while he was getting more pictures from the creek level.

Here's another photo of my 'creative' water ---from up close and personal.   Do you see those TEETH --smiling at me?????  Actually,  you can almost make out a distorted face.....  My My!!!!!!  How 'bout that?

I love this picture of George that I took while we were on the observation deck.

Here is another picture of FALL BRANCH FALLS ---using my zoom lens.

Finally,  here is a picture of George and me taken at the observation deck at Fall Branch Falls with our tripod... We had this entire area to ourselves ---so you can imagine how much we enjoyed being there.

Hope you had a great weekend.  We had a wonderful time with family and friends,  and luckily (as opposed to other areas of the country),  we had a beautiful weekend weather-wise also.    Prayers for those in the path of all of those storms.