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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Wedding 6/23/01

Most of you know that George and I are in a second marriage. George lost his wife to cancer in 1999. I was divorced in 1982--and never thought that I'd ever get married again. To make a long story short, George and I both moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee (he from South Carolina and me from Texas) in December of 2000.

We met in early 2001, started dating on March 29 of that year and got married in June. For us, it was truly 'love at first sight'... And for me, I met that man of my dreams --whom I never thought even existed!!!

We got married in a family-only service beside the Tennessee River on the grounds of First United Methodist Church in Knoxville, TN. It rained the day before---but the day of the wedding was a gorgeous early summer sunny day.

The wedding was perfect. We got married in late morning, and had a lunch/reception at the pavilion there following the ceremony. George and I then went on a 'mini' honeymoon to North Myrtle Beach. Our 'real' honeymoon was the following September when we took a cruise to the South Caribbean. Here are some pictures for you to see of our special day.

This was the beautiful setting where we got married on that fabulous Saturday morning.

Here is a picture of the 'family'... The only one who didn't get there was my youngest son, Jeff. At the last minute, he couldn't get off work. I was SO disappointed!

This was the ceremony. Our minister is a great friend of ours, Rev. Nancy Wilhite.

This was the vow exchange.. George and I wrote our own vows--which made the wedding much more personal. Our children took part in the wedding, and each one presented us with a long stem yellow rose during the service.

I am saying my vows to George. Oh--what a special day! Wish you could see our video.

This was the part where we placed rings on each other's finger.

Here was the best part.... He 'kissed his bride'.... (And she surely kissed him back!!!!)

One of the most moving parts of the entire wedding was when the family surrounded us --and we all sang "Amazing Grace". That was a perfect ending to a glorious wedding.

After lunch, we cut the cake. George STUFFED a big bite into my mouth.. AND--you know that I got him back!!!!! ha ha

Meet Mr. and Mrs. George Emery Adams.

Sometime, I will share our love story further. We KNOW that God had a huge hand in bringing the two of us together. It's an amazing story---and since God did bring us together, we honor him by keeping him at the center of our lives each and every single day. We are BOTH blessed.