Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JANUARY. Here in Fairfield Glade, January is usually a cold month with some snow!!!! This picture was taken along the Druid Hill Golf Course near our home, one winter in January. HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blossoms and Birdies

One of our REDBUD TREES in our yard; You can see the white dogwood to the left --but it is not completely blooming yet.

A neat macro of our REDBUD TREE

Our PINK DOGWOOD in the front yard

A macro of our PINK DOGWOOD; Isn't it fabulous??? Thanks George!!!

Can you see what I see???? Besides that gorgeous BLUE sky, the LEAVES are popping out on the trees..... Aren't they pretty????? BUT---the birds will be able to hide from me now!!!!! Sigh!

I guess I need to give a Bluebird Update... The Bluebirds are still coming to the feeders ---but they are NOT nesting ---at least not in my nestbox YET. I know that last year, they didn't nest until the end of April... SO-- I'm not giving up hope yet... AND--they had two broods last year.

The Chickadees are still around --but they aren't nesting either. SO---right now, the box is empty. I am concerned that the 1.5 inch hole in the new nestbox may be too small for the Bluebirds. I read on the Bluebird website that 1.5 inches is fine --and the nestbox I bought is definitely for Bluebirds. But--the old nestbox had a MUCH larger hole. AND--we never had any trouble with Chickadees before this year.

SO--if we don't get any Bluebirds using the new box, I will take the box back and get the hole enlarged.... Hopefully, the Blues will use the nest ---and all of my anxiety will be for naught.... We have had Bluebirds nesting in our yard for many years ---so I hope that doesn't ever stop!!!

Please tell Mama Bluebird to check out my nestbox.... Okay??????? Sniff Sniff!!!

I'll close with a new picture of our front yard--taken from the road on the upper side of our yard. You can see the Redbud tree, the Dogwood tree, and our new flowerbed in front... Spring is such a wonderful season.


P.S. For those who asked, we purchase our DAFFODILS from Breck's. We've used Breck's for years and are VERY happy with them. Contact them at Brecks.com.