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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Night Snow

This past Thursday night (1/20/11),   we had a small and pretty snow which came through our area... I am enjoying taking night pictures with my camera ---so I thought I'd share a few that I took while the snow was coming down.   We only got about an inch --but it was pretty while it lasted...  (This is the kind of snow my hubby loves since he doesn't have to scrape the driveway!!!! ha)

George can tell you that my favorite part of a snow is seeing it fall...  AND--with all of the little snowstorms we have had so far this winter (I think there have been EIGHT),  most of them have come during the evening...

This one was a quick-moving front --and, as I said above, we only ended up with about an inch of snow (even though the forecasters said that we would get 3 inches)...Typical!!! ha... Anyhow--I hope you enjoyed seeing some views of our little Night Snow around our home.

They say we may get more snow tonight and tomorrow--but I don't think we'll get much this time.  The silly weather people keep changing the forecast.. I think this one will go south and east of us.  That will be okay since we need to be be 'out and about'  on Thursday.