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Monday, November 19, 2018

On the ROAD......

Highway 215, North Carolina --10/23/18
From October 22-26, 2018,  we were "on the ROAD"  with our good friends, Neal and Patti.  We met in Maggie Valley, North Carolina for a few days of fun, photography, eating (of course), and traveling the ROADS.    We packed in a lot into those few days:  seeing the Elk in Cataloochee,  traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway,  hiking and seeing several waterfalls,  traveling the Balsam Mountain Road and the Heintooga Ridge Road,  and  visiting other 'back' roads --such as Highway 215 and Highway 276.

I kept noticing while going through all of my many, many photos from that trip,  just how many pictures I had taken from the roads we had been on that week.   SO--today,   just get a cup of your favorite beverage,  sit back and take a ride with us on several of the ROADS we traveled.

Heintooga Ridge Road  (Balsam Mtn) --10/24/18   (This unpaved,  one lane, one way road took us from Balsam Mountain ALL of the way down the mountain,  coming out at Cherokee, NC)

Heintooga Ridge Rd (Balsam Mtn)--10/24/18  (I keep telling my sons Mark and Bert how much they'd love this road in Mark's shiny new RED JEEP.)

One more from Heintooga Ridge Road (Balsam Mtn)---10/24/18;  I am working on an entire post from this adventure  if and when I can get it ready for publishing!!!!  Right now,  picking up the leaves in our yard is taking most of my/our time!

Back on  Highway 215 ---10/25/18   (The Fall Colors were prettier than my first photo taken along this road on 10/23/18)

We stopped to see a waterfall along Hwy 215..  George snapped this picture of me taking a picture of the waterfall across the street.   10/25/18

Can you tell how much we all love taking pictures????? ha...   Nothing like standing IN the road to get a good shot!!!!!  -Hwy 215---10/25/18

I obviously was in the middle of the road to get this picture on Hwy 215. Ha Ha  ---10/25/18

Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway ---10/25/18

Another from the Blue Ridge Parkway,  10/25/18

Another beautiful 'back' road in North Carolina;   We left the parkway and headed toward Brevard on Highway 276 ---10/25/18

More from Highway 276 in North Carolina---10/25/18

Highway 276---10/25/18
Hope you enjoyed our little ROAD Trip today... We were a little early for the brilliant Autumn Colors this year  (since everything was about 2+ weeks late due to such a warm October)---but as you can see from some of these pictures,  we did see some beauties here and there. You will note from the pictures that the colors got better with each day that we were there!!

We loved every minute just being with Neal and Patti.   The four of us have a lot in common  ---so traveling together is very special!