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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Seligman, Arizona--on Route 66

We followed Route 66 several times while on or near I-40 on this past trip out west.  Today I will feature the neatest little town on Route 66.  SELIGMAN,  Arizona retains all the flavor of the old road. A trip down Route 66 in Seligman was a trip back in time for us --to the days when Route 66 was the Main Street of America.

Prescott Junction officially became Seligman and was an important railroad stop along the line.  Seligman embraced Route 66 wholeheartedly upon its arrival in the late 1920's.  The railroad and tourist traffic from Route 66 became Seligman's main source of economic security.  In the late 1970's,  Seligman was bypassed by the interstate and the Sante Fe Railroad ceased its operations in the town in 1985.  Many old towns with similar histories would have faded once they were bypassed,  but not Seligman.

Driving through Seligman showed us so much evidence of the glory days of old Route 66.   I will share with you today--some of the pictures I took as we drove through Seligman...  NEAT little town!!!!!  Above is a picture of the Seligman Sundries.  Note the airplane!

This is the Rusty Bolt... There were mannequins of many of the old 50's characters including Elvis.  However in this picture,  there are 2 'real' people standing there... Can you find them???? One is a lady standing there on the left,  and the other is a man with a long beard... YES---he was REAL!!!! You thought he was a mannequin,  didn't you????? ha

This is an old gas station --turned into a gift shop now.  If you are old like me,  you will remember when they were called "Filling Stations".... Look at that old car out front!!!!

This is the Roadkill Cafe.... They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Their speciality is Buffalo Burgers!!!!!

Here is a row of typical old 50's stores ---found on Main Street. Remember what a "livery"was?????

Finally,  on the outskirts of town,  we passed Mike's Outpost Saloon.... On a hot summer day,  it looked like a great place to stop for a cold one!!!!!  The sign says that we can 'get our kicks at the Outpost"....

Everyone probably remembers the popular song about "Getting our Kicks on Route 66".... WELL---we certainly enjoyed our little back-road trip off of I-40 to visit Seligman, Arizona.  Hope you enjoyed seeing it also.