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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Husband Tag

My friend JACKIE tagged me to answer these questions about my Sweetie. I invite any of you to consider yourself tagged if you would like to do this. I specifically tag DOROTHY, DARLA, SHELLEY, and SUZANNE just 'cause I want to!!!! ha ha (Do it if you wish!!!) Here's my answers about George. The picture above has always been one of my fav's. It was taken while we were on a walk on the cart path at Druid Hills Golf Course near our home. More pictures are below the Q&A's.

1. What's your husbands name? George Emery Adams

2. How long have you been married? 8 yrs. on June 23

3. How long did you date? Not very long; It was truly love at first sight. Our first date was Marcy 29, 2001, and we were married on June 23, 2001.

4. How old is he? will be 67 on March 9

5. Who eats more sweets? Neither of us eat many sweets; George eats a small piece of dark chocolate every day for his cholesterol.

6. Who is a better singer? Well, since I majored in Voice (many moons ago), I used to sing better. But --after my vocal cord problems, I don't sing anymore much. SO--I guess we both enjoy singing about equally these days!

7. Who is smarter? George DEFINITELY; I always wanted to marry a man who was smarter than I am... He's the smartest person I've ever known!

8. Who does the laundry? I do the laundry--but he always helps when we hang clothes on our racks and in the garage (to keep from using the dryer so much).

9. Who pays the bills? I write all of our checks--but George keeps track of everything on his computer Quicken program.

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you stand at the bottom of the bed, I'm on the right. We have a wonderful king-sized bed!!!

11. Who mows the lawn? George does--but there is a good reason!!!! He bought an electric lawnmower (which is wonderful) --but the darn thing weighs at least a million pounds. I can't push it!!!! (Is that a good enough excuse???? ha)

12. Who cooks dinner? We do it together--although George enjoys cooking (from scratch) more than I do. He usually is in charge of our entrees --and I do the veggies and salads. He has cooked for years and keeps a long list on his computer showing various recipes. SO---I'm lucky to get a delicious entree everyday (such as Chicken Cordon Bleu, etc.)... I'm a blessed woman!

13. Who drives? George does almost all of the driving --since we have a Prius and he is a slow driver to help get better gas mileage. When I drive, I have a heavy foot--if you know what I mean!!! ha

14. Who is the first to say they are wrong? We both are very aware of each other's feelings--and we both spend our lives trying to do what we can to please each other.

15. Who kissed who first? It was MUTUAL---and our first kiss was on April 21, 2001 on a blanket in a field at Fall Creek Falls State Park. What a magical day!!!

16. Who asked who out first? Well--this has a complicated answer. I was teaching a Bible Study (Experiencing God) at our church. He was in the class. Since his job took him out-of-town during that study, "I" suggested that we get together sometime and I would help him catch up with the study. HE invited me to go to dinner --and I thought we were just going to discuss the Bible Study that night. HA HA HA---Once we started talking, the Bible Study never even came up in the conversation the entire two hours. We were just so comfortable with each other ---and that night was the beginning of the rest of our lives together. (Don't ask George though about the TWO times he asked me out after that night and I said NO... I did have two good excuses, but he still gives me a hard time about saying NO.)

17. Who wears the pants? He would say ME and I would say HE.... Ha ha ---We don't have just a 50/50 relationship---it's a 100/100 relationship. My friend Judy cannot believe that George and I truly do enjoy being together 24/7. Most couples don't have that kind of relationship. George and I really are blessed to have found each other.

This picture above was taken when we were visiting Edgar Evins State Park (TN). The sun was beginning to set while we were at the lake--and it was such a beautiful evening.

This picture of George was taken when we visited Fort Harrod at Harrodsburg, KY.

I saved the best 'til last!!!!! Isn't he a HOOT? We were taking pictures ---and I think George was ready to get that session OVER WITH. Ya think????? ha ha ha

I'll close this post by saying that this is the story of a silly, fun-loving, crazy, mountain girl from Virginia who fell in love with an academic, computer geek, book-worm, farm boy from Indiana. She brought him out of his inner-self, and he slowed her down a bit and helped her smell the roses (literally)!!! Life is GREAT--what more can we say!