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Monday, November 10, 2014

November Brings the Birds to the Bird Kitchen

Black-Capped Chickadee  (taken on 11/6/14)
Most everyone knows that I  spoil feed my Backyard Birds...  I don't take (or have) time to take too many pictures these days  --but since it has been awhile since I published a Bird Blog Post, I decided that it was time to do one.

I have 11 different feeders in my Bird Kitchen ---and I have to store them in a large container we have on the deck,  every night!!!!  If I didn't put them away from view,  the Raccoons (which always visit us at nights) would STEAL eat everything...

SO--each morning,  fairly early,  I put out the feeders.  Then I ring the dinner bell (a windchime) ---and step back inside the house.  The birds flock to the feeders for breakfast....It's so much fun to watch them.

We have different birds at different times of the year... Right now,  we are watching LOTS and LOTS of Finches (mostly Goldfinches) at our feeders... I didn't count them when I saw them on Saturday (8th),  but there were probably 40 Finches on the deck...

Hope you enjoy today's pictures --and remember to click on them for enlargements.   None of the pictures are very clear since I was shooting through a dirty window and screen --and the lighting on the deck was not very good.  But--you'll get the idea of all of the joy I have watching 'my' birds!!!!

Above is a cute picture of one of my favorite little birds,  the Black-capped Chickadee.  We have these birds year-round ---and when I'm outside, they love to chatter to me from the trees around the Bird Kitchen.  Wish I knew their language---but I'm sure they are either saying: "Thanks for the delicious meal"   OR   "Get in the house, Lady,  so that we can EAT in peace."  Which do you think they are saying??????ha ha

A Black-Capped Chickadee and a Tufted Titmouse on the Plate Feeder  (11/6/14)

Finches anyone????? We have more finches right now than any other bird.  They love to 'hog' the feeders......UNTIL???????  (11/4/14)

.... the Mourning Doves visit!!!!  The Doves are so big --- they TRULY can 'hog' the Plate Feeder.  (11/4/14)

The Finches are patient for awhile (see that one waiting?).... BUT ????  (11/4/14)

...Then --they decide to descend upon the Doves!!!!  One Dove (named Mabel) flew away --but I heard another one (named Joe)  say to the third one: "Henry,  let's get outta here and get away from these noisy Finches".  (11/4/14)

Did you notice the Eastern Bluebird in the photo above this one????  Anyhow --we have several Bluebirds (year-round birds here) who love to come to the Mealworm feeder...  I love this photo of the Mourning Dove staring at Mr. Bluebird.  Wonder what he is thinking???  (11/4/14)

I love this:  watching the cute little Eastern Bluebird (perched on TOP of the Arbor) waiting to get a turn at the Mealworm feeder.  (11/4/14)

I love this picture of Mr. Bluebird grabbing a mealworm.  (11/4/14)

Another photo showing Mourning Doves,  Finches and a Bluebird  (11/4/14)

Here's one more showing a bird in flight --along with the Doves, Finches and a Bluebird... The Mourning Doves are SO big compared to the small Finches!  But that doesn't seem to bother the much smaller Finch in the plate with the Doves.

On  11/8/14,  look who came to visit!!!!   It's a Pileated Woodpecker (even larger than those Mourning Doves).  AND it looks like this guy is getting fattened up for the upcoming long winter ahead!

BUT---as you can tell,  even the big Pileated Woodpecker doesn't scare the Finches away!!!! The Pileated Woody didn't pay any attention to them since he was going after the suet... AND--the Finches didn't pay any attention to Mr. Pileated... I guess they know it's 'safey in numbers' when it comes to being around the bigger birds!!!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Backyard Birds... I am blessed to have so many here to enjoy!!!!  There are many more who visit --and I just need to take some time to get some more pictures to share.  I do enjoy these sweet little birds.

We are still very BUSY in the yard these days (getting up leaves,  cleaning out flowerbeds,  planting spring bulbs,  etc.)...  It's just THAT time of the year!!!

Hope all of you are enjoying November SO far... Get out and enjoy Nature before it gets too cold.  Speaking of COLD,  we are supposed to get VERY cold beginning this Thursday --and then stay cold for awhile....SO--winter is coming!