Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Last Look at August

Well---it's now September, and most everyone is 'thinking' FALL (including me). Except for our beautiful Roses and other summer flowers, I am NOT a Summer person. I don't like the heat ---although I was a sun-lover for many years. When comparing the four seasons, Summer is my least favorite. I guess that Fall is Number 1, Spring is Number 2, and Winter is Number 3... However, IF we get SNOW here, Winter can move up!!!! ha

Be that as it may, I do have some more 'pretties' to share with you today---from August--in and around our yard. Above is another August rose bloomer, MR. LINCOLN. This red rose along with Veterans Honor are two of my fav's. More pictures are below.

This one is NEW DAY. You may remember that our pink roses showed off in early summer and the yellows have bloomed alot in August.

This one is named ELLA.

This yellow one is named SUNDANCE.

This rose (ABOUT FACE) really ate its "Wheaties" this month... Have you ever seen a rose stem grow to be SEVEN FEET tall?????? Good Gosh!!!! I made George (who is 6'4") stand beside that rose to show you how tall it is... Unbelievable, isn't it????

Here is another view of ABOUT FACE. You can compare it with our tall flag pole!!!!! Wow!

Here is another picture of our Autumn Joy Sedum in bloom. You can see a black bee on one of the blooms. I should have done a macro--but didn't think about it at that time!!!!

I have talked about how gorgeous our weather has been lately... On Sunday night, this was the sunset---as taken from our back yard, looking up the hill. We stood on our deck and watched the sky change colors. Awesome!!!!

The sky just got more and more pink and red... Talk about fabulous!!!!!

Finally, here is our first IRIS of the Fall. Its name is AUTUMN BUGLER. We have several reblooming Irises now ---but this is the only one which has bloomed so far. George says that this one actually bloomed early, so hopefully, off and on all Fall, we should have some more to share with you.

NOW---August is OVER and Fall has BEGUN...