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Monday, December 14, 2020

Remembrances of Christmas

This sweet little  Angel is singing JUST for you!!!! 

Dear Blog Friends,  In trying to bring more JOY into my life this month (during the craziness of 2020),  I have had fun going back through old photos and blog posts... I came up with a theme:  "Remembrances of Christmas".   Then as I searched,   I found  over 100 photos which made me smile (and there were probably several hundred more) ... How do I choose 10 of those????   What a task!!!!! AND the simple answer,  I couldn't!!!!!  I ended up with 12 today --but only hit the highlights..

AND---except for the first two pictures,  all of today's photos are from about 2001 - 2019.   If I have time,  I'd love to find Christmas pictures from my childhood, and my sons' childhoods,  and  do a post about that.... BUT--even in retirement,  time seems hard to find!!!!

There's a neat story about the first two pictures... I've shared this before so many of you may have heard this story.... ANYHOW---when I was a young gal in the 1940's,  my parents gave me the 'perfect' Christmas present!!!!    Look at that precious little angel ---singing "O Holy Night"... Isn't she adorable? 

Well--now look at the 2nd picture....  This precious little angel is NO ANGEL for sure!!!!   See what is in her back pocket?  She has a Sling Shot!!!!!!!   ha ha ha....   My question:  Do you think my parents were telling me that I wasn't just a sweet little angel???????  (Don't answer that!!!   Those who know me well know that I'm not an angel at all!!!!! ha ha ha)

This little Christmas Angel is something I will cherish FOREVER....  I miss my parents so very much --and since this angel came from them---I hold it near to my heart.

Hope you enjoy seeing the rest of the "Memories" today... I wrote an explanation for each of them.

BUT----That sweet little angel (above) wasn't such a Sweet One after all.....Look what is in her back pocket!!!!   A SLING-SHOT!!!!!!! ha ha ha

George's and My FIRST ornament;  Our First Christmas together --2001

I gave George this little Santa's List ornament for Christmas in 2003...  I just had to give him this one --since George knows that my Christmas list is very LONG!!! ha

I gave this cute little 'fishie' ornament to George  in 2002.  I loved this little "Kissie Fishie" -since I would run through the house saying "KISSIE KISSIE" --begging for a kiss from my Sweetheart!!!

"The Stockings are Hung by the Chimney with Care."  Even the BIRDS are begging for some Christmas Treats!!!!  ha ha

Eastern Bluebirds are probably my all-time favorites when thinking about my Backyard Birds.  A lady on Etsy (about 10 years ago) made this gorgeous ornament.   I think this type of embroidery  is called CREWELING.

For several years,  we have visited a fabulous shop in December in Calabash, North Carolina, named Callahan's. (We had to cancel our trip this year though.  SAD!) BUT--every year when we are there, one of these little cuties would just JUMP into my shopping cart begging to come home with us...  This  little "Fireplace Baby" is named Snowflake... She came to our home in 2018.

Meet HOOTY....  This little Sweetie came to live with us last year (2019)...  Hooty joined the other Fireplace Babies --and immediately took charge!!!!!!


Here's one more Fireplace Baby for you.   I love Mr. Skinny Legs...  He came to live with us in 2017.

I'm not sure when I started collecting Willow Tree Angels/Figurines ---but I now have 26 of them.  I've had a bunch of collections through the years,  but this collection has to be an all-time favorite. This particular Willow is named HAPPINESS....  I love love love it --and it's SO ME!  Seeing our Backyard Birds certainly does bring me HAPPINESS.

This is a wonderful gift given to me from George.  The words are SO true!

Hope you enjoyed some of our memories during this holiday season.  When I was a child,  we did not decorate at all until about Dec. 15....  One of my best childhood friends told me that they didn't do any decorating until Christmas Eve.   We all have our special TRADITIONS... 

I miss my parents and my two brothers (and families) SO much during this time of year --but I do have some fabulous memories... Then when I got married and had 3 sons,  we made new memories...  After my divorce and after my sons all grew up and started making their own memories,  I  made more new memories.  Then my life changed when I met and married George Adams...  Most of what I shared today is from these past 20 years with George....  BUT---all of my memories are special ---and I thank God for my long life --and for my terrific family.

Update on Mark and Robin:  They are both doing better and both back at work after their 10 day quarantine... Mark didn't have a severe case,  but Robin really struggled at times... Glad they are both better!!!

Covid-19 is worse here now ---so George and I are 'laying low' and trying to stay as healthy as possible. It will be sad not to spend time with family this month --but being healthy is more important this year.

Have an awesome week --and remember to find JOY and HAPPINESS from all of the little festive things around you!!!   AND--keep making memories (even in 2020)... ha