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Monday, June 8, 2020

More IRISES in our Yard 2020--Part II

Waltz Across Texas Iris -- photo taken 5/1/20
Dear Friends,  As I said last week,  we had 32 different varieties of Irises blooming in our yard this Spring.   AND --many of those varieties each had many many blooms.  It was a great year for the Irises and George and I loved  "walking the yard" most every day!!!!

Last week (Click HERE)  I posted Part I of the Irises...  Today I will share the remainer of them.   I will probably publish one more post showing some of the 'group' pictures of the Irises in our yard.... I hope you enjoy seeing all of them.  They are gone now (sniff sniff) --but I love looking at all of the pictures and choosing ones to show you!!!

English Charm Iris --5/5/20 (after the rain)

Electric Shock Iris  5/3/20

Iceland Iris  4/21/20

Champagne Elegance Iris  5/5/20 (after the rain)

Feedback Iris  5/2/20

Floor Show Iris  4/29/20  (George took this neat picture.)

Harvest of Memories Iris  5/3/20

Orange Harvest Iris 5/23/20 (always a gorgeous Iris)

Hell's Fire Iris 5/1/20

Fall Fiesta Iris 5/16/20 (George took this picture of the LAST Iris variety to bloom this season.)

Halloween Halo Iris 4/25/20

Eugenia King Iris 5/5/20  (Taken after the Rain)

Cable Car Iris 5/18/20

Bountiful Harvest Iris 5/2/20  (my favorite Iris;  note my header blog picture)

Goodnight Kiss Iris 5/3/20  (Such a beautiful Iris which we have had for several years;  This year --for the first time,  we realized that this is NOT the name of it....They must have sent the wrong Iris when we ordered it years ago--and we didn't catch the mistake.  SO---to us,  it is still Goodnight Kiss.  Just don't try to order it under this name!!!!!!!  I absolutely love the colors in this Iris.  I wish I knew the 'real' name.
WELL---there you have it!!!!  Those are our 32 varieties of Irises this season.  Most of them are rebloomers --so hopefully they will rebloom in the Fall....  I have never enjoyed our Irises as much as I have this year.   I have one more post to share sometime --showing our Irises in groups,  many showing off many, many blooms....

The question I always ask is which in this group is your favorite????   You know how much I love Bountiful Harvest---but another favorite this year is  Waltz Across Texas.  It bloomed and bloomed, and so did Eugenia King.

Have an awesome week ---don't forget to get out and enjoy the Flowers and just being out in Nature.