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Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it really the End of August?????

I cannot believe that August is almost over... AND we usually have the hottest days of summer during August---but not this year. It's been almost fall-like since the middle of August. Yesterday's high was only 75 degrees (F) and the low last night was in the low 50's..... Brrrrrrr!!! It's almost time for a fire in the fireplace!!!!

Our rose bushes LOVE cooler weather. As you probably know by now (unless you are fairly new to my blog), my hubby grows Hybrid Tea Roses. We have about 50 different rose bushes in our yard. Since we live in a very shady yard, we've had to be creative when adding more roses. Therefore, we have about 16 of our roses in containers along our drive-way, which is very sunny. George is building a new flowerbed along the front ditch---so of course, we will have some roses out there also next spring.

Since the weather has been mild, the rose bushes have put on a show for us the past week or two. They are almost as pretty as they were in the spring when they all first bloomed. Today, I'll show you some pictures of some of our roses ---all taken this week, and many of them yesterday. I'll also show you a few more "pretties" in our yard. Above is one of my favorite pictures, a trio of fragrant roses, named PERFUME DELIGHT. I wish you could see them---and even more, I wish you were here to smell them.

If you like pastels, you will love this rose. Its colors are pale yellows and pale pinks. And it has a perfect name, PEACE.

This beauty is named PERFECT MOMENT.

Some people prefer buds---so I wanted to share these two for you. They are named PINK PEACE.

This beautiful yellow rose is named MIDAS TOUCH.

This pretty coral-colored rose is named FRAGRANT CLOUD.

In a recent post, I showed pictures of our Sedum---but since I took those pictures, our Sedum flowers have changed colors and are blooming now (above). The neatest thing about Sedum is that bees love them, and also that the colors change gradually all Fall---ending with a burnt rust color. SO neat!!!!

One more picture of some of our blooming Sedum; If you want to see the other pictures of our Sedum and more Roses, click HERE.

Our Impatiens has finally come to life... For some reason, both the Impatiens and the Vinca didn't do well until recently. I guess they like the milder weather also.

I love these last three pictures showing our Dogwoods ---showing signs of Autumn!!!!

Do you think Fall is on the way????? Pretty Dogwood, isn't it?

This Dogwood leaf is the biggest sign that Autumn is definitely on the way to the Cumberland Plateau!!! Yeah-Rah!!!!!

Hope you have a great Monday.