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Friday, August 16, 2013

Positives vs. Negatives in our Lives

As you know,  my blog is named Joyful Reflections... Because I  generally blog about the happiness and joy in my life,  something I read recently made me think about blogging and bloggers.   Someone in a blog post talked about 'fake' bloggers who seem so happy and joyful ALL of the time even though we all know that life can be rough at times. 

We are all HUMAN and we ALL go through 'crap' in our lives at times--including me. I am definitely not always JOYFUL --even though I have a wonderful life and a fantastic relationship with my husband and sons.

FAMILIES can be wonderful ---but they can also be 'hell' to deal with at times.   I personally have gone through something in my family over the past several years which is very hurtful..  My husband and sons have been wonderful helping me through this situation...  I couldn't have done it without them...

SO--because we all go through 'crap' with other unreasonable people at times, and since we are not always JOYFUL,  I thought I would share some thoughts with you today --which may also help you with situations in your life at times,  like these thoughts  have helped me.

Above is something I try my best to live by.   I try to find the positive in all of life --even though it is not easy at times.   My motto is and has been for years:  "Surround Yourself with Positive People".  Luckily for me,  George is one of the most positive people I know!

This works for me MOST of the time...  The key:  Just look for something positive, and stay away from the negative!

Don't you love that 'heart' cloud!!!!!   Life is a CHOICE:  Choose to be happy.

This is my biggest regret of all... We all could play Monday Morning Quarterback--and do things differently if we had the chance.   BUT--that's just life... Some of our choices are good ones and some are not.    I made some bloopers through the years... BUT--I'm still ME and the people who love me,  love me because I am me!  I need to remember that, and celebrate this.

I  love this one.  We shouldn't ever have to PROVE ourselves to someone else.   WALK AWAY--although in 'family situations' that is not always easy!

Since I love hiking and walking,  this one is for me!!!!!  Good things are happening and will continue to happen..  I know that ---and I WILL keep walking that direction.

This is one of my biggest problems.  I keep asking "WHY" did this happen.... I want answers ---yet there are no answers.   I need to let it go --and just keep walking through my wonderful life, and forget about the bad situations.

This is for all of us....   There are so many positive, wonderful people in this world.  Spend your life with someone POSITIVE who enjoys life and enjoys being with you.

This one is for those of you who need to let someone GO.   I remember a friend telling me one time that she stayed with a certain person hoping that she could 'change' him... WELL--that never happened,  and all that other person did was to bring my friend down...There was no peace!  Very sad situation.

A negative person lives with negative thoughts constantly... If you know a negative person,  my advice is to get as far away from them as possible.   If you allow it,  they will bring you down!  Concentrate on the positives!!!!!

I have learned that being unhappy about a situation does nothing but give that other person power over my life.  I choose my own happiness.  How about you?

This may be my favorite one when dealing with a specific situation...   Love it!!!!!

Finally,  this one says it all---for ALL of us.  I did NOT write this post for you to feel sorry for me personally.  I'm FINE ---and I've dealt with my situation.    I did write it though to show all of us that we are HUMAN and we all DO go through things in life which are not pleasant, including ME.  It's all about how we deal with these situations!

We do LEARN from bad situations,  don't we?  I'd love for you to share your thoughts today.   The bottom line:  Find that JOY and stay away from those NEGATIVE people who just want to bring us down.  Be HAPPY and be thankful for the lives that we are living.  Thanks be to God.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back to my JOYFUL posts on Monday!   I'm gonna have some of my new favorite ice cream today:  Blue Bell's  Caramel Turtle Cheesecake!  It will cure all negative thoughts--but of course,  you will have to shake out the calories!!!!! ha ha