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Monday, December 24, 2018

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2018 (plus some Family News)

Merry Christmas to all of my Family and Friends... I hope and pray that all of you are having an awesome Christmas,  celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ,  with those you love.

Today I'll share with you some of the special Christmas Trees we saw while visiting the BILTMORE CHRISTMAS on 12/13/18.  Take a minute from your busy schedule,  grab a cuppa,  sit back and enjoy seeing these beautiful Christmas Trees.


This  tree is not at Biltmore... This is the beautiful tree in our home!

Vivian Lee,  Great Granddaughter --age 11 months,  and walking all over the place!
I must share some new family news with you today....  See Lil Miss Grinch???   Don't you just love her shirt?????  ha ha ....  She's a happy little girl because she is going to have a LITTLE SISTER in MAY....   The new baby's name will be Veronica...  Isn't that just awesome?!!!!!!   I'm so excited...

Have a wonderful Christmas, my dear friends,  and thanks for hanging in there with me during this very difficult year healthwise...  Hopefully,  Santa will bring me a new dose of energy!