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Friday, February 6, 2009

Cedar Falls (Arkansas)

Have I mentioned that George and I LOVE hiking and visiting waterfalls???? Ha-Ha!!! We've only seen 295 different waterfalls since 2001 when we first met and got married. George is really anxious to reach 300 SOON.
Today, I want to share one of our waterfall visits and hikes. In November of 2006, while we were in Arkansas, we visited Petit Jean State Park and hiked the 2 mile hike to see Cedar Falls. The hike down was marked as 'moderate'--mainly because of the steepness. The picture above is of Cedar Falls from the bottom. There are several more pictures below.

The hike began at Mather Lodge, where we had lunch following the hike down and back.

The trail was pretty --with lots of rocks all around, as we hiked down the mountain.

We made it down the mountain, and crossed the bridge at Cedar Creek. After crossing the bridge, we turned right and followed the creek to the waterfall.

Look up to the top of that mountain!!! That is where we started. (Can you believe we had to hike back UP that mountain???)

We MADE it to the falls!!!! Thank goodness there were lots of rocks around so that "I" could SIT and REST.. ha ha

While I 'rested'---George wandered around getting more pictures. Isn't this a beautiful cove and waterfall??

WELL---we did make it back up that mountain! We had a good lunch--and then went to the 'upper' lookout--to see the waterfall from above. It is pretty from above, but MUCH prettier when you can see it up close and personal!

Once we got home after that trip, we put on our new t-shirts which we bought while at Petit Jean. The shirts say: "We survived the hike out."
Hope you enjoyed our hike to Cedar Falls.